What's done is done and a husband free week

G'day all!

Well I am most pleased to announce that the ISEIII scarf is finally done. It was finished on Saturday, but I've been a tad busy since then.

On Saturday mornng I sat down with Montse and a darning needle. The grafting was surprisingly easy - I have now angered the knitting goddess but I think I am grokking grafting, even garter stitch grafting simply cos I understand better how the stitches go together.

I had not realised that I had almost run out of the white alpaca yarn - admittedly I have another third of a ball of it left but I had been happily knitting away with nary a thought that I might run out on the last repeat of the pattern....

I tied in all the ends, and gosh there are a lot in a striped scarf even when you weave them in as you go, and chucked it in the dye pot.

Here's the final version:

It will get mailed off shortly with some of our excellent local chocolate (ok, it isn't lindt or anything but gee it is better than a lot of the merkin stuff I've tried in the past) and this ball of yarn:

That is an ultrafine, pretty much cobweb weight, wool. My ISEIII target is allergic to wool but she has a group of people who make prayer shawls so it will be handy for someone....

I have a husband free week. DH is somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and Amsterdam at present. He is giving a talk at a conference, the same conference last year that gave us ideas that we might end up spending 6 months in Bristol. Who knows what it will bring this year? At least Nathan's boss/supervisor is there too so they can do some proper wheeling and dealing.

So far my DH-free week has been flat chat, driving up to Bendigo (after all the mills are only 120km or so on from the airport!), coming home to ravenous cats, digging through my purchases and squealing with glee as some of the crap-looking stuff I bought turns out to be exactly as I thought it would be (perfectly spinnable or usable with exception of about 10g of it), cataloguing and labelling my dyed yarns (expect the yarn page to be revamped with more stuff soon, or I might do an etsy shop, see what happens), scrabbling around the loungeroom to find a job ad so I can ring up the contact person (only to find the ad and discover I have to look up the contact details online....), doing a mound of dishes (DH seems to hide them and bring them out to be washed just when I think I have the dish washing monster conquered. No we don't have a mechanical dishwasher, just me)....

Any suggestions for how to (cheaply and easily) cut through a root that is bigger than my thigh (currently it is going for as big as my waist cos I have not yet managed to dig under it)? We are laying out the grey water piping and my job this week is to get the trench dug. We can't dig around the root, under it or through it.



  1. Great result with the scarf! The overdyeing worked very well.
    I envy you the trip to Bendigo - I was all ready to go last week, but it fell through at the last minute - other people's arrangements. Oh well, I just had to make do with the mountains of yarn here!
    Sorry I can't help you with the root removal. I'll be interested to see your grey water setup too, as I'd like to get one started here. My problem is that the garden I'd want to use the water is uphill from the house. Not sure how to go about that.

  2. Yay to scarf finishing. The overdying looks good.

    Cutting through roots that size? I've always resorted to an axe in those situations.

  3. I have to ask! What is a merkin?
    Lovely scarf,you had me curious about the dye bit and now I know....

  4. The scarf looks great, fab dye job!

    G reckons the easiest thing would be to go around the root! Especially if it's a living root - if you cut a section out it is likely to want to grow back. Can't use a chainsaw cos if that hits soil it will break the chain. He did suggest an axe but that's going to be heard work, no question!

  5. Gorgeous scarf!! Heh, that is a scary short end.


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