Socktober plans

G'day all!

It is five days into Socktober and where are my socks? Buried by this ISEIII scarf! I am not allowed to start socks until I have finished the scarf. I only have one green colourblock and one white to go before I graft the two ends of the scarf together. HOORAY! (Anyone got a good ink for grafting garter-stitch-wise? I can do it by accident so I guess I can recreate that effect. Or maybe Montse can help me out... Oh, she can! Plus lots of other sorts of grafting too. Ah, I love me a bit of grafting...) No excuses then! I should get a wriggle on and finish that off today!

Now what do I want to make for Socktober?

Do I want to make Red Herring?

Or do I want to make this yummy, odd looking "Caesar's Check" sock from Sensational Knitted Socks?

This is the yarn I want to use:

Yep, black base and magenta/purple/blue self striping yarn. Dyed the self-striping yarn myself and started knitting with it but I was just doing stripes of colour with the black and it was not exciting me. Now however I can't get my knit on cos I want to knit both socks witht he same yarn. I could go get more black and use some of my stash sock yarn, or I could even dye up some more yarn - I think I've got two more balls of the same weight yarn in cream. That would work. Then I could make both pairs of socks! Or I could take some of the yarn out of my shop cos noone loves it! Yellow, pink and green - such spring colours. Mmmmmm.... maybe I could make a sock or two with that. I'd need some more contrast colour though... Hmmmm.

So which sock should I make? The Sensational Knitted Socks sock or Red Herring?

Plus I should start on my spindling for my hand dyed, hand spun, hand-knitted socks for Margene's dye/spin/knitalong.

For the Discworld freaks amongst you, check out this cake. No, I don't think I will get one like that for my mumblieth....

For landscape freaks, take a look at these pics. Reminds me of Peter Dombrovskis' work half a world away. Goodness wouldn't I like to be able to take pics like those!

Speaking of cameras, I've just discovered the function on the old camera that means that it starts counting pics sequentially rather than resetting the numbers every time you download the pics. We have a gazillion folders of P1010001.jpg, P1010002.jpg, etc. We've only had the thing for four years, it's fairly much done for and I finally found the right setting. Sigh.

Speaking even further of cameras, I've been playing with the MiL's little Canon A430. It is just really a point and shoot digital camera. It can do some cute stuff but I don't know how to activate the cute stuff cos I just keep going around and around on the menus. I don't have the manual that goes with it. We are considering getting one to replace the old camera cos we certainly can't afford a dSLR. This little camera is very little - it is about the size of a disposable film camera and not very comfortable to keep taking pictures with. Plus it isn't just automatically coming up on my Linux Ubuntu desktop, though it works for other people according to the reviews I've read. In other words, I am not sure about it. So today's pics were brought to you courtesy of the old camera with the blurry spot in the middle.

OK, must go check the dyepot - I've been dyeing up stuff in a new colour, one of my favourites.



  1. As an elephant carrying member of the newly formed 'Terry Pratchettes' I must say the cake is absolutely fantastic!!! CMOT Dibbler would have made one stuffed with tripe and gizzards though!! And be selling it for fruit cake prices.
    Oh those colourful patterns are too much for me. I like both. I could NOT decide for me, let alone someone else!! Well, the Roman ones because I have just watched about Carthage on the TV then.

  2. I love the cake! You should make one! Or a Luggage cake :-D With teeth (marzipan teeth).

    I'll get my coat ....

  3. I love Charlene Schurch's book (how do you pronounce her name?) I think your socks will look great in that yarn whichever pattern you choose.

  4. I really like the "Caesar's Check" sock but both are nice.

  5. Oh that cake is EXCELLENT!!! And a Luggage would be very cool, but how who would be game to eat it?? Hmmm, Interesting Times, the Luggage had a lady friend - the offspring could be cupcakes...
    Ok, time to go work off that sugar high before it gets any worse :}

  6. The cake is utterly brilliant! - don't suppose the elephant cocks it leg to let the sun go past, does it?

    If you're not having it for your mumblieth, there's always Nanny Ogg's Banananana Surprise (though to judge from the comments about the price of bananas in Australia, which I think you posted some time back, the surprise might be if there were any bananas in it ...! :D ), and didn't she do something wildly chocolatey in Maskerade?

    On the sock front, think I like the chequered ones best, if that's any help in making a decision

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog! It is strange to think that you must be preparing for summer just as we are expecting snow!

    I like the caesar socks and I think the magenta/purple combo and black would look stunning in that pattern.

    I love that new colour you have been using!

  8. Lynne, did you go through the rest of that cake decorator's site? Some unbelievable creations there! How about the wheelie bin model? I wonder what she'd come up with for a knitter diving deep into a bargain bin >:-) hmmmm

  9. Good Morning! Lynne,at the risk of being a pest,where do you source your blue faced leicester tops? I searched by google and ebay but all are overseas and a bit post pricey,I would love to try some white so I could dye it,
    the contacts you gave me before are brilliants,thanks!!!!!
    I have been dreaming aloud to DH that we should check out putting some money into a block of land so we could have our animals but it would mean he had to do fly and out work and that wouldn't be fair!
    Whats the weater like there today? its very windy and cold here!Perfect porridge/knitting weather!

  10. Yay, Montse! I love that book. I say the socks from Sensational Knitted Socks, although I'm weighing in SO late that you probably have the socks knitted and done.

    Have you looked at the manufacturer's site for a manual? I've had great luck doing that.


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