A new colour

G'day all!

Last I was at the guild, I decided to buy a different colour to dye yarn with. I wanted two different colours actually but only got one cos money is an issue.

Well, on Friday, after four days of working, I visited Trudi and we went to Winterwood. We walked. We were virtuous, well at least as far as that went.... It was only 15 minutes walk away but there were Hills. I had forgotten how hilly that neck of the woods is, which is sorta odd cos I grew up on the side of a hill not that far away from there, the sort of hill that trikes are dangerous on cos they don't have brakes (but that is what thongs, aka flipflops, are for!).

Yea verily, Winterwood did not have a lot of yarn. They had some but not lots. They are very much into this felting bizzo which means they had nice merino tops, interesting corriedale tops, alpaca and yucky romney batts (someone will kill me for saying romney is yucky but this stuff is really coarse and used for needlefelting), along with very pretty dyed felt and lots of other things. Go look at their website. I linked it above. Sandra is very nice and we had a good chat and drooled over stuff for about 45 minutes. I love finding new shops and I love being inspired by what I find. I often wish I could run such a place.

I bought two little baggies of merino/silk tops and a silky wool baggie and 50g of rainbow dyed merino by Jacinta. Oooh, yummy!

The merino/silk had an accident in the dye pot. Suddenly it was no longer pristine white.

Can you guess what the new colour is? I am spinning the tops up quite finely and plying them with a silk thread. It is yummy and soft and dee-vine!

I am very pleased with the new colour.

Since it is my birthday at the end of the week and I think it is time for a contest, can you guess what this

is? (I must say that watching it was pretty darned freaky - very psychedelic) The prize will be 100g of yarn dyed to your colour choice (at least within reason cos some colours I am not yet good at).

Time for beddy-byes. We started daylight saving today and my times are totally out of whack. Plus we went to Triffid Park, purveyors to the gentry of fine carnivorous plants, and had an arvo BBQ at Nathan's aunt's place, which was very pleasant indeed. Tomorrow I go to work again. Blah, but it is money!



  1. Looks like the inside of a pot/cup thrown on a pottery wheel while still spinning to me.

  2. A fancy new bobbin for your wheel?
    I like the way your tops had that accident. It turned out a very pretty colour.

  3. It's the inside of your washing machine while it is spinning.

  4. Drat - the inside of your washing machine whilst spinning - but with some yarn in it that you are spinning the water out of....or something like that.

  5. I thought a cup of coffee(black then maybe a dye pot just off simmer!
    Oh your new colour looks like watermelon as i have just acquired that but haven't had time to play!!!

  6. Am guessing it's the washing machine on spin, but otherwise it could be one of those things where you put some paper on a turntable, and throw paint at it

  7. Anonymous4:18 am

    Definitely the inside of your washmach. But what are you doing? Centrifuging yarn, or felting?

    Many happies!


  8. I, too, think it's the inside of a washing machine.

  9. i've looked several times, and i still say coffee cup. well used and loved, lol

  10. Okay, here's a wild "what if its not a washing machine?" guess: wet yarn spinning in a salad spinner?

  11. Well, my first impression was that it was a spindle, going at top speed, but I'm not sure how you could get it to keep so centred without wobbling.
    By the way, a great idea to ply with a silk thread, if I do say so myself.

  12. A dye pot? I have no idea!

  13. a cd spinning in a player?



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