My name is Lynne and I have a problem

G'day all!

I admit it. I am a yarnaholic. I am trying to clean up/out my fibre room. It is a horrid horrid mess. It is such a mess that I am having to disembowel it into the loungeroom to even start thinking about cleaning it up.

Photos? You want to see photos of my shame? Not today! I've admitted it, but I am not going to flaunt it.

So what am I going to do about the fact that I have three huge boxes of yarn that I don't want? Well, I will ebay some and thrift other parts of it, and plain throw some out. Any suggestions for ebaying? Chocolatetrudi said to describe what the yarn was used for/was to be used for. I think since 99% of it is novelty yarn for scarves, I will advertise it as scrumbling yarn and make up bags of 400-900g of yarn (like I already have). I am not going to make scarf packs cos that is just too tedious for a lot of it. (Never fear, I still have another 1.5 boxes of stuff I won't part with cos it can make things like Vegan Foxes or is such me colours I can't part with it.) I am thinking of selling the bags of yarn at a rate based on a dollar per 50g (not all of them are full sized balls of yarn but all the yarn is useable lengths and most of it is full balls of yarn). I will link to my ebay stuff once I've managed to get photos of it all and put some of it up. It's gonna take a while cos I've just counted up the bags of yarn - 25! Twenty-five bags of yarn with at least 8 balls in each of them, and half a dozen of which have about a kilo of yarn in them.


I have about 10 fleeces or parts thereof. They are all to die for, except two. OK, 8 are to die for. (I should go count them shouldn't I so I know how many I really have.) There always has to be one. Or two. The most annoying one is a romney cross, and it makes me cross cos there is a lot of it, it is a beautiful mix of purples, mauves and blues, and it is as rough as guts. It is too hard to comb it or card it and spins up badly. Silly me for buying it. I am contemplating seeing if it felts up ok - if it does, I will make a cat bed or two out of it - I have plenty of it since I got over a kilo.... Plus there's the fleece with the dandruff all through it.

I have two large boxes of prepared tops, rovings, whatever. Plus another box is filling up quickly with the stuff I am finding around the place. You would not believe where I am finding yarn and fleecy bits. On second thoughts, most of you would I guess.

I have one large box of hand-dyed yarn that I have to list either on my shop or on Etsy. I've got much mreo than than but this is the stuff that I've dyed with the idea of selling it, not the stuff for ME ME ME (ie the early stuff that isn't so good). I am going to try Etsy cos I am not selling much through my shop (many thanks to those who have bought yarn from it though! I now have enough money in my paypal account to buy some nice merino/tencel yarn, and if I can find tops in it.... ahhhhh. We don't have that sort of stuff here. Ack! I am talking about more purchases when all I want to do is get rid of stuff!).

Topping it off nicely, I only have the cat and the TV to talk to. None of them are very good conversationalists. I had not realised how much I rely on Nathan for company now that I am not working. Ah well, this time next week he will be home. In the meantime, I guess I'll just chat with the checkout chicks and blather here on this blog. And annoy people at Crafties tomorrow night.

I talked to a chap from the Dept of Premier and Cabinet. I am going to go for this sustainability job advising the Premier of Victoria about environmental issues. Hot dang! Hey, I used to advise the Chief Underwriter and Chief Medical Officer of XXX about issues in insurance, so it is only a little step up to advise the duly elected head of the state of Victoria, isn't it? LOL They want people who can take big complex issues and bust them into smaller bits and make them more readily understandable. They want people who can do that quickly on occasion (ie the Premier/Deputy/Minister has to give a media briefing). They want people who can write. Yay me! I can do that! I'll go for it and probably not get it, but I'm going to give it a red hot go and see what happens. You gotta be in it to win it!

Oops, time to put the bins out and get rid of the feral food in the almost empty fridge. You don't want to know the horror of the remains of a stir-fry two weeks after it was made.... Or the funny colour that week old dahl goes.



  1. I hope you get the job. Good luck!

  2. Hey, Good luck with the job.

    Ha Ha, I've started conversations with checkout operators myself. I know how that feels :) They look at me funny though, like they're not supposed to talk to their customers (read: strange lady)

  3. Go Lynne! You can do it!!!

  4. Good luck on that job - it sounds very cool!

    Hey, I talk to the cats all the time. They meow back in a conversational style. Works for us!


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