Wet! and bats!

G'day all!

This stuff kept falling from the sky today. It rained and rained and rained. We ended up with 20mL of rain. Of course we had pulled the cladding off the garage...

Not much knitting time today. Much sadness. Instead I drove Nathan around places and managed to avoid buying Even More Yarn That I Don't Need at Spotlight - they have some good prices on their novelty yarns, and am I a sucker or what?

Plus we had an adventure at a different rubbish dump. Never going back to that one. They charged us double for the privilege of getting bogged. You oughta try pushing an 1800 kilo (4000 lb) car out of a boggy patch. You can read all about it at our new house blog. (hope I got the url right!)

Anyway, I've promised pics of the secret project. Those of you allergic to novelty yarns, look away now.


It's a cocoon?

No, it's a curly whirly scarf! The "latest" thing in England. With beads in the cast on and cast off edge, just to give it a bit more vavoom! It absolutely ate up yarn like nothing on the planet. One row near the edge took 55m of yarn - the whole ball! It certainly is a novelty yarn stash buster. IT is really somewhat darker than it appears - a dark teal, not bright at all.

I've been knitting it whilst watching Dr Who - we have an hour of Dr Who every Mon-Fri at 6pm at present. We are onto the Sylvester McCoy doctor now and he is *such* an improvement over the Colin Baker one (but really, that isn't hard!).

I cast on a new sock in the gelati coloured yarn. Haven't found a pattern yet but I am sure I can find something before too long.

Tonight, during our semi-regular evening walk we saw BATS! Real bats! Such sweet little things on the wing - only about 20cm (8") across. They were really quite obvious against the twilight sky. I've never seen bats on the wing apart from the little one in our room down at Mallacoota five years ago. They are about mouse sized in the body and have funny little ears. People are scared of them but they really are sweet little things. I'd much prefer to have bats than have mice. If nothing else the bats won't gnaw their way into the pantry and poo and wee in all the food.

On that charming note,



  1. It the summer we swim at night sometimes. And if you lie on your back in the pool (which has an underwater light that attracts bugs, unfortunately) once in a while a bat will skim across the water just a few feet away from you.

    We think it's cool.

    Some of our guests don't swim after dark.

  2. Bats are wonderful creatures. If we sit out near or after dark in the summer, they will fly over you and sometimes almost skim your head.

    I love your curly whirlie - you should join the CW blog and post it there too! The beads are a really nice touch.

  3. Every summer my family and I would go down to the lake and every night around dusk the bats would start coming out. It was really fascinating to watch them fly around. They always looked like they were on a crash course with each other but would veer away at the last second.

  4. Scarf: cute, very cute!!
    Rain : you lucky thing, we are sweltering with NO Rain in Tasmania
    Bats: scare the willies out of me. We have paddy melons and Bennetts' Wallabies hopping down out streest at the moment!! I like them
    Dr Who : Only 5 more days to go , 10 episodes. Then it's over!! I am so sad. What will I do every night from 6pm till 7?? Watch the SBS news I expect!!
    I am going to check out the house blog!!

  5. Love the curly-whirly, it's nicer than mine (pout). I haven't posted pics yet but will. I think I might have to make another, lusher one with beads.

    Bats - lucky you! I am a bit obsessed about bats. For several summers previously we have had loads of big fruitbats every night but since the Botanical Gardens lot was moved to another locaiton they don't come here any more, which is a great shame 'cos I loved seeing them when I walked the dog at night. In England we used to have pipistrelles, which are sparrow sized, in our back garden and if you sat out on the patio on summer nights they would fly very rapidly in between your heads!!

  6. Very cute curly whirly! We get a lot of bats in our backyard on summer evenings. We notice them as we sit around the campfire - I love to see them cause they are usually feasting on nasty mosquitos. "Eat up", I say!


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