meow! meow! Pr-meow!

G'day all!

Well it's been another stinker of a day but I am finally on the cuff of one of the socks. Hooray!

One of the cats has been howling almost non-stop and she keeps trying to get us to go out of the house. She leads us to the back door if we stand up and if we don't move, she wails non-stop at us.

Me-OW! PRMWOW! PRRRMWOW! Meeeowwwww! Meow! PRMWOW! MWOW! Mwow?

We finally worked out the problem - it is smokey.

She is saying DUDES, get OUT OF THE HOUSE before we all BURN AND DIE HORRIBLY! Stupid hand that feeds, get out of the house! Why won't you listen to me? LISTEN TO ME! GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE WE ALL DIE!

Our house is not on fire but the smoke from the fires in Kinglake north of the city (about 50km away) is really upsetting the cat. The other cat is like whatever - it's hot. I wanna find a cool place to lie down.

Still no pics. Bad me. Hmm.... What do I have ready to go.

A month ago, before we moved out of the old house, I found I had a lot of out of date cordial in the bottom of the pantry. I also found one last packet of Kool Aid (it costs $1.25 here). Here's how some of the fleece came out.

Pretty, no?

I also had some diet and normal jellies (jello) hanging around that were a bit sad, so they added their colour to this

(And boy doesn't it take a bit of washing to get jelly out of fleece!)

Ok, time to go flop on the bed and see if this headache won't go away.



  1. Pretty dye work. I'll have to remember that about Jello!

    Is the noisy kitty an unneutered female perhaps? When they go into heat, they make an insane amount of racket and really just don't shut up. Ever.

    I hope that headache went away.

  2. You used jelly to dye fleece? That's awesome! They look great!

  3. It's also very hot in Tassie and it was very smokey yesterday from surrounding fires.

    As for the upset pussy? Animals are usually a lot more sensitive to smoke than we of the human variety are.


  4. Fleece divine as all your hand dyed items are.

    Smoke..As Cathy said had the same problem here yesterday.

    Cats..Mine didnt give a rats..And when Rachelle tried to burn the kitchen down months ago they were outside nowhere near the noise and smoke...Guess they didnt care! lol



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