G'day all!

Is anyone else dithering over the Yarn Harlot's Olympic challenge? I am soooo in, but like what am I going to make?

I am all of a dither! I would like to do something I haven't done before but until next week I won't know how much time I'll have. You see this time next week, we'll know the outcome of the rental dispute we are embroiled in. Maybe we'll have to do lots of work at the old place, maybe we won't.

One of my friends is going to do an amazing laceweight shawl. I won't be, simply because I do other things than knit in my spare time. However, I would like to make a pair of these butterfly wings socks - I have not made real lace socks before. Then I thought I should do fair isle socks, or aran socks. Socks socks and socks cos whilst they would be a challenge, I have knitted a pair of plainish socks in 8 days before, so fancy socks in 16 days should be doable? I have done both fair isle and intarsia before (one day I'll show you the jumpers that I still have that I can't bear to throw away, including the one with the emu on the front, the batwing cardi with the geisha on the back and the one with the boy and girl gazing fondly at each other that I knitted in 1987).

Hmm, I reckon I need to go and delve into my books a bit. Back later!



  1. Despite your scaring the pants off me with those Christmas ornaments, I will be brave and stay to leave a comment, hehe.

    I can't talk much about socks as I tried one a while ago (corrugated sock) from the Vogue Knitting Socks book and it was horrendous. It got frogged. Still, it was my first one and I've got the Cherry Tree Hill Basic Supersock in my box to be attempted at some time in the future. Your sock is lovely and colourful - hooray for colour! ;)Those butterfly socks will be gorgeous, but I can't think about socks AND lace together, it's all too much.

    Those lovely houses are making me pine. I have a good friend in Rockingham. She needs to start knitting again and get a blog. I must have words :)

    Looking forward to the emu!

  2. The Buterfly socks are beautiful. Go for it!

  3. Why wait for the Olympics??? The Aus Open (tennis) is on NOW!! I made a cotton cardi last year, and am well on with a sleeveless top this year - with some socks on standby for days like Sunday, when the forecast is for 41, and the cooling will be struggling!!!

    BTW, what is the sock yarn in Tuesday's piccies? Nice colours!!

    Geography - most of the house piccies are, I think, in Albert Park - that's north of Kerferd Rd - Middle Park is south of Kerferd Rd. Lived there in the early 80s - wish we'd bought the house we were renting in Nimmo St when it was up for sale - SS/SF 3BR terrace, 22' wide (ie, palatial!), no garden, beach at the end of the street, and I used to ride my bike to work, round Albert Park Lake!!

  4. OOoh those socks are lovely. I'd say go for it.

  5. Yep, I saw the Olympic Challenge and felt the pull. But then I thought 'who am I kidding? I have to get this bl**dy work project (book) finished by the end of the month!'. Perhaps if I set myself a pair of wrist warmers?

  6. Good luck with the knitting olympics. I know I won't have time for it so there's no way I'm going to even sign up!

  7. We will be at our hottest here in February when the Knitting Olympics are on, so I am doing a Knitting Commonwealth Games at my house instead!!! I am planning to knit a cardigan!!! ( road to Hell etc) Socks are lovely, lace ones are divine!!! I love socks, it's all I can knit at the moment!!!

  8. I dithered for only a moment on what I was planning on doing for it! I am glad to be part of it.. Hoping I dont fail it! lol. Betting something big comes up and I will have to change my plans on what I am going to do.

    Those socks look gorgeous!

  9. Just caught up with 2 day's worth of emails and saw the link to the Olympic Challenge. Don't think I'll be trying that as I work to quite strict deadlines in the place that gives me yarn vouchers LOL ... and I didn't really enjoy having Christmas as a deadline this year as I ended up poorly and way behind! It will be fun to see what everyone comes up with though. I don't mind a challenge I just don't like time limits :-D


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