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G'day all!

Well I am sorta lacking inspiration for blogging today - something to do with two late nights in a row (we saw Narnia last night and got home after midnight). So I was happy to see a link on Dreamcatcher's site that took me off to the garnstudio. Then I followed a link that shows their designs for summer 2006 (a summer which we are already experiencing here in Oz).

I am knitting Yet Another Sock. You'll see a pic eventually. Plus I bought some Opal that will stripe up in orange with white spotty stripes for nathan. He likes orange, he likes it a LOT. I've joined two count your socks groups recently but I haven't put the buttons on my sidebar yet - I've been a bit busy cleaning up the house and yard (ie finding new and inventive places to put stuff) in preparation for a visit by most of Nathan's closest rellies. The rellies came and went and now we are left with half a dozen cups to wash and then we have to choof on up to Nathan's parents' place for a BBQ. I can say that I am almost all socialed out. Time for some more sock, I think. And a bit of book reading. Currently reading lots of Terry Pratchett. I need some extra silliness in my life.

Recently I went awandering around Middle Park, one of the "nice" suburbs of Melbourne. I went there to buy some needles and got the orange sock yarn for Nathan too. There are some magnificent houses there. Totally OTT. Apparently Melbourne has a very good collection of Victorian era houses, mainly cos there was so much land that if you couldn't afford to buy the place you wanted near the city, you just went a bit further out. Houses didn't get knocked down because the demand for the land was not great enough. Then by the time the houses become old and quaint and "collectible," preservation orders are slapped on them.

So today I will leave you with pics of two of the best ones I saw. If you like them, I've got a couple more I could show. I really like the second house. It is heavy and gothic - the gray is darker and brooding. Plus you get a gratuitous shot of a garden bed full of annuals in the park across the road from these houses. See if you can spot the odd man out in the garden bed....



  1. Hi Lynne

    Love those old houses. How I miss that Aussie iron lace work!


  2. They are beautiful houses. I think modern houses just don't have the same kind of charm to them that older houses do.

    Oh I totally spotted that little purple flower all by itself! Poor little guy!

  3. Those houses are gorgeous! I love old victorian and gothic homes. The detail is amazing and it makes new houses look positively boring. I would love to see more of these, Lynne!

  4. well, i know it's purple, but i have no clue waht kind of flower it is. i'm not good with names, lol. is one of the count your socks thingies aimee's?

  5. The lone purple flower, not sure what it is, maybe a nasturtium?

    Love those houses. We have plenty of Victorian properties here but those are just HUGE. The second one looks like maybe the Addams family house or something, very coo. The first one has that beautiful ornate woodwork. can't choose between 'em!

    Glad you liked the Garnstudio btw!

  6. Lovely buildings. We have a few of those in Hobart too! I would like to see some more of that sunshine though!


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