Smoke gets in your eyes

and more importantly my lungs and makes me feel wheezy. Not Weasley (just as well cos Ron is underage yet).

G'day all!

I would say Happy Australia Day but we aren't into celebrating this day, not as much as the government would like us to. Most of us are happy to get a day off, but the retailers int he big shopping centres have to work. The rest of us get to slack. One of my (non-Australian born) friends didn't even know we had this day off but any Aussie worker will be able to tell you the next day off they have (and I don't mean the weekends).

Well the tribunal is over and done. Thanks for yur concern and good wishes - it is nice ot see a bigger world than this one. We both lost - they didn't get the money they wanted, we didn't get to run off scott free either. Still it is done and after I pony up some money tomorrow, it is over. Forgotten, but the lesson has been learned. And the landlord, even though the house hasn't sold in four months, still expects to get well over $400K for the place. He doens't seem to be taking notice of the market trends.

Today Melbourne is wrapped in a pall of smoke. I haven't read the online papers yet but the smoke is everywere. I know this is petty when there are people out there fighting the fires and people losing property and animals, and animals having to flee or be roasted but it is mighty inconvenient cos today will be an excellent drying day and I have a LOT of washing to do! I can't hang it out nt even inside cos the whole place smells of smoke, which is why I am wheezy. Me and smoke don't get along, y'see. If I do washing when it is smokey, I may as well just leave it in the machine and wait for the wind to blow the smoke away otherwise I'll just be washing that stuff again to get rid of the smell of smoke. I have sometimes thought I hsould join the CFA - volunteer firefighters who are the fre brigade for most of Victoria, then I realised that having an asthma attack whilst fighting fires would be counter-productive. I'd have to be one of the women doling out sandwiches and tea. Since I am allergic to normal bread.... and so it goes.

I am glad to know that at least one other person in this world does not like sprouts. LOL

Knitting is slow but steady. I've split the socks onto two sets of circs (I would try magic loop but it is hard enough getting US1s here without getting 90cm ones. Most of our needles start at 3mm, which is a little too loose for the sock yarns). The socks were getting too hard to knit with two on the one set of circs - the weight of one was always making the edges of the other sag and was making ladders at the join between the circs.

I've been working on a secret thing, secret cos any "serious" knitter won't touch novelty yarns with a barge pole but I like the odd bit of silly fluff. It is almost finished, so soon you can see it too! (Assuming I can get photos - it is a dark teal)

I have managed to obain the pattern I wanted and the yarn for my Oympic chellenge. Hooray! Plus I have some extra stuff coming to me. It will take a while cos it has to come from the USA but it will be good!

Pictures? What are these things called pictures? Haven't taken any recently. Didn't have time or energy.

It is 8:40am and already 27 degrees. Methinks this Australia Day is going to be a hot one!



  1. it could have been worse, right? and now at least it is over and the pressure is off.

  2. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm sure I heard on the radio yesterday that you now have to have a Food Handling licence to make sangers for the poor CFA chaps and chapesses. Me wheezing too.

  3. Yay to the old house stuff being settled! I know what you mean about smoke. When I lived in Ferntree Gully the slightest whiff of smoke had me anxiously staring up at the forest, wondering if I should start hosing down the roof yet. My sinuses hate smoke, so I reckon I'd be no use as a volunteer either. But the CFA is my favourite organisation to donate money to.

  4. Glad the Tribunal went sort of okay.

    Happy Australia Day!

    I've been trying to convince my boss that I *must* have today off work but she'd not having it. I even threatened to sing the national anthem all day. Still no luck! :-(

    Waltzing Matilda maybe? Tie me kangaroo down?

    Mwha ha ha ;-)

  5. Glad it's over for you, tiem t unwind with your knitting I reckon!

  6. Glad it has all been sorted!

    Landlord = muppet!

    I absolutely despise sprouts too. And cauliflower. There's a chemical in them which if you can taste it, it tastes bad - apparently.

    Sorry to hear news of all the fires there - really rough on people and animals :-( I'd be wheezy too with the pall of smoke hanging around. Hope they are able to bring the fires under control soon.


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