Summer's back!

G'day all!

Look at this forecast and weep. After nearly three weeks when it only twice hit 30, it looks like summer is back! Socks are looking real good as things to knit this weekend, and on Sunday I think I'll go hang out in some air-conditioned shops, assuming it hasn't broken down again.... Alas I can think of no air-conditioned yarn shops, and certainly they won't be open on Sunday.

(Oh those temperature are in celcius, so think 90s to low 100s, and somewhere in the 70s overnight)


Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
P.O. Box 1636 Melbourne Vic 3001

Forecast for Melbourne Issued at 0505 on Friday the 20th of January 2006

Partly cloudy. Showers and thunderstorms, locally severe, developing in the
morning and persisting during the afternoon. Fresh northerly winds then
seabreezes developing later in the afternoon.

Max 35

Suburban Temperatures

Laverton Max 35 Yarra Glen Max 35
Tullamarine Max 34 Mt Dandenong Max 29
Watsonia Max 35 Scoresby Max 35
Frankston Max 32 Geelong Max 34

UV Index 10 [very high] reduced to 4 [moderate] under cloud

Fine. Min 21 Max 33

Fine. Late change. Min 23 Max 41

Mainly fine. Min 21 Max 28

Trend for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Mainly fine. Warm to hot.


  1. Okay, I'm just a tad more than jealous over those temperatures. I personally HATE winter. I'm going to be an extreme snow bird when I grow up. Instead of going from the NY area to Florida for the winter, I'm going to the southern hemisphere!

  2. According to my business dairy, 41°C equals 106°F. I'm defininitely not looking forward to Sunday!

  3. Those kind of temperatures are just crazy. I can't stand it if it's too hot. For some strange reason I can handle the cold much better. Perhaps it's because I surround myself with wool!

  4. So glad I live in Tassie, all though we are supposed to be getting a hot one on Sunday.

  5. Wow - we've been having a mild winter here - it's 1 degree today. Usually somewhere around the -15 mark this time of year. So I guess I can't compare and complain...

  6. I've got a blog!! Who'd have thunk it?
    I have no idea how to use Blogger - picture hosting is a haze, and I have no concept of how to create a list of blogs I like. But still! Blog!

  7. As a fellow Melbournian I can attest that summer is back - thank god Melb has dry heat! Today (Sat) it reached 41 deg C (I'm told) after BOM promising 33!!! Serious yuk. A friend and I went to the Margaret Preston exhibition at the NGV (very cool) and did some shopping. Sunspun definitely not air conditioned. Wool Baa in South Melb might be? and it is open on Sunday.


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