Cos I am busy

G'day all!

I have so much to tell you and so little time to say anything! I might be moving to a new server shortly cos we finally have our own server! Yay! I might even be able to install a moveable type sorta blog writer thingie whatsit. Only problem is Nathan does not have a computer so we are sharing this blast-ended skrewt. Nathan is catlike - he is not interested in something until I want to use it and then.... So I am getting an hour a night to play rather than unlimited time.

So because I am busy, I am going to point you at other websites and let you rip there instead :-)

Carole is running a stashalong called Buy More Yarn - none of these yarn diets for these bloggers!

An amusing article about knitting taggers - it's better than grafitti!

Spinning reaches the New York Times.

Don't want to go in the Knitting Olympics? Margene has an alternative.

Anyone got any suggestions for a challenging sock knit? Fair isle or lace, in normal sock weight so I can get the yarn in time for the Olympics.



  1. Not much help re the socks I'm afraid , but thanks for all the links today. I joined the Enjoy The process knitalong and I just looked at the stashalong! I think I may have to join that too. Oh dear :-)


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