I'm a lonely little....

G'day all!

The other day I asked you to spot the odd man out. It is a lonely little purple petunia in the middle of the zinneas (and some white flower - stock?):

There are some sharp eyes amongst you!

Here's a little something that I've been working on recently.

Only thing is I prefer it inside out to right way in. I like the way the colours blob up - lots of people hate pooling but I love it.

Plus it is a bit tight around the old ankle, inside out or right way out. The pattern makes a firm fabric, and the yarn is already not exactly stretchy. (Mental note to self - take pics from the toe angle, not the ankle cos my ankles really are not HUGE GINORMOUS thick piano things - I have quite a well turned ankle if I do say so myself. And I do.)

Anyone guess what pattern it is, modified to be toe up with short row heel?

I might make the next one a few stitches wider across the sole - my left foot says the sock is fine, but my right says it is a bit tight.

A couple of you liked the houses and wanted more pics.

This is a white weatherboard Victorian cottage. It is not as grand as the houses I showed you before, but compared to the average hovel of the time, this was (and is) a very nice house indeed.

This row of terrace houses is flanked to the west by a place with a grand frontage (and high hedges, hence the lack of pics of it)

Other people who know a little about architecture could comment better than me. I just like taking the pics and looking at the amazing houses. You don't find houses like these in the area I live in! 1950s weatherboards and blond brick veneers dominate around here.

Finally, cos some of you are starved of plants and greenery and even basic things like sun, here's a shot of St Vincent's gardens, opposite these grand houses. Nice and green.



  1. Lynne,
    One of the things I love about seeing your pictures is the similiarities we share in landscape..off season of course. Lovely to see flowers blooming.

  2. looks like a jaywalker to me! :)

    I like it inside out, too. :)

    thanks for sharing the landscape pictures. Everything here is so grey and brown that it's nice to see some color.

  3. I concur - you're Jaywalking!

    All such pretty pics, too. I'm impressed anyone picked out that little petunia!

  4. Hee, I was right about the petunia!

    I like the sock fabric inside out too, the texture is attractive.

    Thanks for posting greenery and pretty house photos too. Very refreshing to look at in this month of very-little-daylight!


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