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G'day all!

Well what an interesting day or two it has been.

Looks like we will be off to the rental tribunal cos the ex-agent/landlord have objected to certain things about the ex-house and garden and made non-negotiable demands with a rather short timeline. It has caused a lot of grief for Nathan and I.

Interesting how things work out, or don't work out, isn't it? If we must, we go to the tribunal and plead our case.

Apart from that I could be very happy at present - new house, a sock absolutely whipping up on the needles, lust for pink stripy sock yarn, moderate weather (maybe even a little chilly! Last Saturday took all of this week's heat).... Ah there is some nice nono kitty at kpixie but then I saw the shipping charge to Australia, after I created an account.... Can you believe one skein of yarn would cost me over $50 Australian? USD18 per skein plus USD20 for postage. Like OUCH! Methinks I'll just deal with not having nifty self striping yarn from Kpixie cos that is outrageous postage. All because they stick it in a box! I don't want it in a stinking box that more than doubles the postage costs! Nope, it will be Sweet Georgia or a Taste of Vermont for me! Or Curious Yarns for non self-striping, cos I am pretty sure even after trebling the prices to account for the exchange rate it still won't be over $50 for one sock set.

What, dye my own self striping sock yarn? But that would be effort and take time and take space that I currently do not have.

Moreover, I would have to find the dye your own sock yarn!


At least I know where the dyes are and at least one dye pot. Plus I have Mum's old canning stuff including about 20 bottles. Now all I need is some time, some space and a hotplate.

And the wool.

Today's random bits:
There is only one country whose name starts with O, at least in the English language. (eg Ossterreich (sp) is what we call Austria.)

What is that country?

Also there is only one country that starts with Q. What is it?
(It is not Quebec, although the Quebecois want to secede)

How about this for the name of a country?

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Sounds like some sort of Catholic rock band to me! Saint Vinnie and his Grenadine monks! (Kermit waving of hands) Yaaaay!



  1. $50 Dollars that's outrageous! I suppose it's similar for me too, I'll go check later although it sort of takes the fun out of it...and I got my order from Curious Yarns by the way, hohum!

  2. you should be getting a package in the next week or so. next time i make an order from Kpixie i will try and let you know. i could probably add your stuff to my order, then ship it on to you at a much cheaper rate.

  3. I've dyed self-striping yarn before. I experieented with balls of 99c 4ply yarn from Dimmeys and food colouring. It was relatively easy, though time-consuming.

    Once I knew I could do it, I ordered a big ball of machine-washable 4ply from Bendy. I just haven't got around to buying good quality dye. But as for space - could you set up a camping stove in the back yard? That's what I'm planning to do.

  4. I got Q for Qatar all by myself! Had to Google for the "O" though (Oman).

    Sorry you are having hassle with the ex-landlord, hope it is sorted out soon.

    As for shipping charges I was pleasantly surprised when I wanted some Koigu from Knit Happens in the US - only 10.95 USD shipping airmail. With the price of the yarn I couldn't have bought it cheaper in the UK - if I could have got it (not that shade!).

  5. I was totally going to post what dreamcatcher said. Not. And I think I know geography. Evidently not.

    $50? for sock yarn? Even for Left Coast that's high! But dyeing is The Thing right now! And spinning.

    I'm posting and not just reading for a change. Hello there! I still cannot get used to blogs and just sort of barging in. I mean, I do, but.

  6. Sorry to hear about the troubles with the old landlord, what a pain in the butt.

    I'm sure you can find a cheaper site than knitpixie for self-striping sock yarn at a much better shipping rate. I know how easy it is to get obsessed with sock yarn, I'm currently pretty obsessed with it myself!

  7. Anonymous3:23 am

    Go the Tribunal!!! A lot of landlords are only too willing to try it on, until they get the letter advising them of the hearing date :)

    I spun some Noro-esque self-striping sock yarn recently, and made me some Irregularly Self-Striped Socks! Just in time for the 44 deg weather - duh ... I will have to let you see them soon. I did it by dyeing irregular lengths of Downs tops, wot I bought from russtrees on eBay.

    Go the Tribunal!!! You are not responsible for acts of nature like wind, nor are you responsible for things which happen after you leave ...




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