Stuff fell from the sky today

G'day all!

It was really odd today. It had been hot and steamy all day. Then a big thing came over the sun and obscured it:

And then this STUFF fell from the SKY and it was really yucky and like my car was being sprayed with a firehose or something. We were trapped in the car as our neighbour M laughed at us from the shelter of his verandah. It was really like someone was throwing buckets of water on the car. We couldn't even open the window cos the stuff came straight in.

There was stuff in the thing I seem to recall is called a, ummm, a rain gauge?

And these pools of stuff formed on the footpath and the drain clagged up and it was all WRONG!

But I knitted more sock and it was all ok again.

(Pic not clickable) This is the second sock - I couldn't find the other sock but I did finish all but the weaving in of the ends last night. Ah, something finished!

Random bits:

Cheshire hates the airconditioner. It scares her. The smoke just added to the effect. If we turn the air con off, she shuts up.

For anyone who likes MythBusters, this is an amusing slashdot article.

This BBC article about Clonycavan Man freaked me out a bit cos the reconstruction of the face of someone who died 2500 years ago looks like someone I know. I'm not saying that people then would not look like people now, cos they would look just like us, just that it is freaky that he should look like a friend.

Here's a pic of the new diesel country trains - they are Velocity trains.

When I saw one in the yards, I regretted not having the camera with me. So I took the camera with me the next day so I could snap a shot or two for my FiL cos he is a train nuffy and I even went on board to ask the driver about it. He got out the operating manual (it comes with an operting manual!) and told me about its 19L twin turbo watercooled V6 diesel engines that generate 559 or was it 659 kW and some godawesome amount of torque, like 2100nM. He said it "goes ok, better than the N-class" (old diesel engines that are only used to pull passenger trains).

OK, that is another secret out. I like boy stuff - I love trains. I love planes too. Big ones, not little ones. Little ones seem too scary and a really easy way to die.

My new walking shoes. Super unsexy. You see my $170 runners died this week. I've had them for about 8 months, walked in them, run maybe a km all up, and the heel counters cracked. One cracked badly enough that it skewered me and shredded my fave sock (GRRR!). So I trotted off (more like hobbled in my nasty not good for walking in work shoes) to a shop in the city that sells Rockports cos everyone says what good walking shoes they make. I wandered around the shop picking up shoes and looking at them for a good five minutes before the sales assistant decided I might want to buy some shoes. I told her what I was looking for and she suggested a pair of $189 shoes. I tried them on, but they were too narrow for me. So she took them away and put them back in the box and went back behind the counter.

I had the distinct feeling that I had been dismissed. Funny cos I thought I was the one who was going to help her make money for the company and herself.

So I went around the corner to cheap and cheerful Payless Shoes. I looked at some shoes then decided I probably just wanted some lace up school shoes. One of the sales assistants there asks me what I'm looking for and points out the super special 20% off already reduced shoes. She hooks out some shoes for me to try on. I discover the shoes are a tad small and I need a bigger size. She went looking for the next size up. Remember that this is a shoe store were the boots cost no more than $70 and the shoes are less than $50. I cannot imagine the assistants there are paid top dollar but boy they actually want to sell shoes! (We still have some form of award rates here despite the introduction of enterprise bargaining and people do not have to subsist on tips.)

She didn't have a bigger size in the shoe I liked, but she had my size in these instead.

As I said, super unsexy but they are leather, they are the shoes nurses wear all day long and they cost less than $40! They actually don't look any less sexy than the expensivos shoes I had been considering. They will do for walking in and I can wear them at work, amongst all the girls with their stilettoes and $300 italian shoes. Me - daggy? All the time!

Finally, a pic of the Nut,

doing something she loves doing - smooching a proffered hand. She practically flings herself ecstatically at your hand if you lower it a bit. Funny animal.



  1. I LOVE big fat rain after it's been dry and hot! Although maybe not being trapped in a car :)

    The train is cool - I envy proper public transportation in other cities. Most of the US is very lacking int his regard.

    And screw the Rockport store. Their loss!

    Pretty sock!!

  2. That was one havy rainstorm. Did it clear the air to any extent?

    I like the new shiny trains :-) The less said about the british train network the better. I'm not really a train nut but I love planes :-D

    Doesn't that kind of "anti-service" in some shops just make you mad? Closest experience to that was in a little "posh" dress shop here a year or so ago. It's like they look at you and make some sort of value judgement about what you'll actually spend (so if you don't *look* loaded, you've had it), and decide it ain't really worth the effort. Morons. Another reason I prefer shopping online!

  3. Sounds like quite a rain storm. I love your kitty trying to get you to evacuate the cat!


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