Happy 2006

G'day all!

Welcome to 2006. Hope you enjoy the ride! This year we'll have plenty of spinning, knitting and house/garden stuff for you to enjoy and perhaps some tales of travel to a far and distant land, a land of milk and honey, green fields and congested cities.

So what are my New Year's resolutions? I tend not to do them really. I just have things that I need to do. Yesterday I was very proud of myself cos I had started work on tidying up my fibre room. I made great progress. I emptied four or five big garbage bags of yarn. Watch me go!

Then I found three more garbage bags of yarn including one bag of white/cream/neutral yarns that I want to dye up, plus three largeish bags of raw and processed fleece, plus three smallish boxes of washed alpaca fleece. Here's what my fibre room looks like at the moment:

Oh dear, what a bomb site! At least we made a very good start on getting the study in shape last night - we finally put together the last Billi bookcase, with a bit of wood from the hardware shop to make up for the missing top shelf. We seem to be missing two shelves for it actually. Since we now have a fully functional 2m high bookcase, I can get rid of the last boxes of books into it - they are in backpacks on the bedroom floor. This means the bedroom can be tidied up properly too cos there won't be amazingly heavy backpacks everywhere. Plus we removed the old wardrobe and installed another set of hammerlock shelves - they ain't pretty but they are functional!

I think I'll make one or 10 of these as stashbusting exercises. I have LOTS of novelty yarns and some curlywhirly scarves will help me get rid of them I hope.

(Kellie, don't follow this link. For the love of your budget, don't follow it) I want some of these - luscious sock yarns from a mob in the UK. Drool. Dribble. (sorry, I got a bit over excited there) I am almost tempted to order a kit for a friend. Hmm....

This is my favourite bruise:

It is starting to fade now but is brighter in person than in the picture. It is about three inches long. For some reason I have a "thing" about walking into the piano stool at present. The piano stool occupies the open space in the loungeroom and is black and shiny, which may explain why I keep walking into it - it reflects very well and I don't think I quite perceive it is there. This bruise is another unwelcome visitor to my legs, along with the three others around the same height on that leg and two on the other leg. I didn't even notice that I had given myself the bruise until about 20 minutes later after trying to move my leg. I kid you not, I thought I must've busted my fibula head but nope, it's only bruised. Thank heavens.

I can hear as I write a flock of lorikeets out in one of the local nectar bearing trees (probably a eucalypt, but they may be into a fruit tree too). Such noisy birds with rather unmusical voices but I love them. They are bright and happy, if vociferous.

I have all the pictures from my Wendy Dennis trip (that was nearly a month ago now! Eeek! Where is the time going?) ready to go. I will blog them soon, along with the pics of the shawl I am knitting (only I have to take the pics of the shawl first). Here's a taster from the trip:

So what are your resolutions? Do you do resolutions? Why or why not?



  1. Hi Lynne, and Happy New Year :)
    I used to love the lorikeets too. We have 2 grevilleas, one outside the bedroom window, and one outside the loungeroom. I don't love them so much at 5.30am when they start their day, with much loud chatter! ;)

  2. Ouch - that looks like it hurts! Ouchy. At a big local aquarium there is a lorikeet exhibit where you can go into an enclosure and hold and feed the birds. It is really something. There are huge bands of wild parrots in my neighborhood. Also very cute but awful "voices". There's at least one white cockatoo, too. Good luck with your fiber room. I guess the important thing is that you have a fiber room. Pretty darn cool!

  3. I'm glad my spare room has a twin even if it is on the other side of the world! Sorry about the Curious Yarns bit, but the secret needs spreading don't you think? Anyway, it looks like you need to get some more sock yarn to cover up those painful bruises, even if they might have to be long socks! Happy New Year.

  4. My apologies. After I got your comment on my blog this morning, I wondered why I hadn't read any of your posts recently. I thought you'd been too busy unpacking. As it turns out, your link dropped out of my favorites menu for a moment. But I've put it back.

    Happy New Year. Love your "fibre room."

  5. Whoa, impressive bruise! Hope it's not hurting too much. Stay away from that piano stool!

    I love that you have a room dedicated to yarn. Mine is neatly stashed in several different rooms, i.e. it is taking over the house *grin*

    Sound slike you're making great progress on the unpacking and finding "homes" for everything. It's like some huge jigsaw puzzle with a massive chain of dependencies. Yay for the IKEA Billy bookshelves! We've got the odd spare shelf (seeing as we have them in 2 different rooms!), I'd lob it your way if you were a tad closer :-D

    As regards resolutions - not really a list of specific ones, but we have been very industrious in recent weeks in sorting and tidying stuff (hence the big CD blitz yesterday). In knitting terms, well I want to learn cables, tried reading about them at 1am this morning but for some reason I wasn't taking it in :-))

  6. I highly recommend the yarn fromn Curious yarns, I'm currently knittibg the Candies colourway - Pictures are here http://knitobsession.blogspot.com/, I'm enjoying knitting with it and it has encouraged me to get more imaginitive with my sock knitting - I'm pretty much a novice so far!


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