Uglee-est sock in the world!

G'day all!

These are not the ugly socks.

These are the unJaywalkers I made, toe up, short row heel. I hope the yarn softens up after I wash the socks cos at the moment they are prickly. I am the sort of person whom the YarnHarlot would despair over, as I can't wear wool against my skin. Soft sock yarns are ok on my feet but not coarse wool. There are some prickly bits in the Hot Socks wool.

Now here are the uglee-est socks in the world! I dare you to find anything more horrid. This photo was taken at 7pm or so

and this one an hour and a half later. I have to say the yarn is very easy to knit, but the progression of colours in the toe is just awful. Waaay too much yellow.

After I put in the line for the afterthought toe, I did a little slip stitch to see what happened then, also cos that is the spot where I wear out my socks most.

That looks much nicer, though the rows are very compressed.

I am now trying again, with a SockBug pattern (lacy scallops) just to see if it breaks up the striping a bit.

I am also contemplating dunking the toes of the socks in some blue dye just to get rid of the yellow. OK, they would be green, blue and purple then but better than yellow. I think.... I could paint other blocks of yellow with blue too. Or even with green. Choices choices!

Can you beat my uglee ugly sock?



  1. Uglee is in the eye of the beholder. I think they're kind of cute. :-)

  2. For a second there I thought you meant your Jaywalkers...phew! Well, I definitely don't think the other pair are the ugliest socks in the world...not really bad at all if you ask me. But if they colors aren't to your taste, I say dunk em!!

  3. I've knitted a few pairs of socks in Hot Socks and they soften and felt gently in the wash, so hopefully you will still be able to wear them. I'd personally overdye the whole of the uglee socks, that can soften up colours no end and give a great result, but painting the individual bits sounds like fun too.

  4. I think they're all groovy, man! You can always dye the ones with colour you don't like, as has been suggested.

    Am keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be over here for Woolfest (much squealing when I read your comment!). G says, well then we'll need to take the Shogun if Lynne is coming too :-) So get yerself over here :-)


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