A gift

G'day all!

Yesterday evening I opened a lovely parcel from Wendy. It was fabulous timing cos you may know a bit of you-know-what is hitting the circular air circulation device around here at present.

Here's a pic of Cheshire celebrating the arrival of some most excellent handpaintedyarn.com merino tops in forest green and gold! Almost the national colours of Australia :-)

And a gratuitous shot of the fleecey goodness:

and one of Cheshire too:

Thank you, Wendy! It is lovely!

Did I promised anyone some photos of some almost finished objects yesterday?

Well here is a pair of socks made out of some german cotton. I lost the label ages ago.
I love the colours - I am a bit of an aqua/teal/seagreen/turquoise freak. Those colours of tropical waters or even just clear water on white sands make me drool (almost literally). I knitted the first sock in about November last year then didn't knit the second one for another 14 or 15 months. Now all I have to do is find the yarn needles - I must have about 50 of the danged things but can I find one? At least they are cheap - to darn in the ends. If you look around the ankle you'll see that the stripes don't match up - I used a slightly different technique for the first sock to the second. You can't see that the toes don't match but I am not fussed by them not being identical twins.

But have a look at this sock-it-to-you pair made from some different German wool, now only waiting their afterthought heels.

I have set up the needles for one heel, on a sock that has been waiting for oh about a year to get a mate and a heel. Second sock syndrome hit for sure with these socks! But after a while the colours become fresh and exciting again. I have enough left over of each lot of yarn for another sock. I am not sure I really need three socks though.... but then again the sock gnomes might strike and an extra sock would be good!

I think I started the second sock on Sunday night. Or was it Monday night? I sure knitted it fast, I can say that much. It simply flew on the needles, even the apparently never ending 1X1 ribbing I whinged about today to a knit bud.

Can you see the difference between the toes? The striping sequence is different. One was short-rowed and the other had that weird loopy cast on and knit around the little rectangle. I think I now prefer the loopy cast on - it isn't a figure 8 cast on cos I just drop those stitches like mad. I'll have to see if I can find a pic of the loopy cast on. Even its proper name will help.

Sunset from my kitchen window was quite pretty - see?

It even has the flywire mesh in shot. LOL

Dang! I just realised that I am almost out of things to knit on the train - the shawl is too big to drag around, my stashbusting project has about 400 stitches on the needles so one row takes most of the trip.... I'll just have to use up some more sock yarn! And then I can get some more! Yaaaay!



  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who can't handle the figure 8 cast-on. :-)

  2. i'm glad you like them. i picked the brightest, happiest colors i could find :)

  3. Awesome socks. Most of my socks don't match up perfectly and I'm ok with that. It gives them character!

    Love the fleece too, it's just gorgeous!

  4. Nice socks!

    For some reason I couldn't comment on the previous post itself, but just went to Wendy Dennis' website - sheep with sheepcoats! I guess it's a great way of keeping their wool clean :-)

    Your brother's garden looks fabulous, I can see yours looking like that pretty soon.

    Hang in there re the hassle. It all sounds like a lot of baseless sour grapes. Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way!

  5. That first picture is funny with the cat in the background on his back.

  6. it's all just too cool! hey, if you want, there's a gal over at www.rosebyany.com who is counting all socks done on blogs/internet calling it Two Thousand Socks(six). go tell her in the comments when you get your socks done!

  7. Thank for visiting my blog and the kind works.

    I hope you do Red Hill or one of the other Shows too! I love the pink German sock wool...

    ... and relate the the train knitting dilemma. I too am doing socks at the moment - but I have knitted jumpers, scarfs, shawls, bags... the biggest problem I have at the moment is the crowded Melbourne trains.


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