G'day all!

Jessie tagged me! I haven't been tagged in ages, which is good. Being tagged is good once in a while, but being tagged four times in a week is not so much fun. That hasn't happened for ages.

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:

1) training and research consultant (present)

2) claims assessor

3) random dogsbody at social security (ASO-1 - I love what you can do to that designation)

4) ummmm - no other real jobs, just casual stuff.

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over

1) Star Wars (A New Hope, any of the first trilogy)

2) The Princess Bride

3) Galaxy Quest

4) Blade Runner.

(Geeky? Moi? :-D)

Four Places You Have Lived

1) Melbourne (Ringwood)

2) Melbourne (Clayton, south side of the highway)

3) Melbourne (Clayton, north side of the highway)

4) Melbourne (Noble Park)

Why move around when it is all here, baby!

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch

Umm, erp, well I haven't been watching lots of TV recently.

1) Babylon 5 (on DVD)

2) Gardening Australia

3) Dr Who

4) Random Brit shows (Foyle's War, Midsommer Murders, Born & Bred, that Scottish one where Richard Byers got blown up)

Four Places You Have Been on Vacation

1) England - still want to go back and see more

2) USA - Madison, WI in particular

3) New Zealand

4) Tasmania (and half the mainland of Australia from Cairns all the way down around the coast to Eneabba in Western Australia)

Four Websites You Visit Daily

1) bom, and particularly here if it is raining or likely to

2) my yahoo email account (hello!)

3) The Yarn Harlot (do you really need the link? is there anyone who doesn't read her blog?)

4) Yours. maybe. If you are lucky I even leave comments!

(Nathan is most disappointed that I didn't list wikipedia)

Four of your Favorite Foods

1) Almost anything from Uncle Rick's particularly dairy free jelly cakes - bliss

2) Nathan's cooking, except when he loads it with garlic....

3) gluten free, dairy free gelato, like the banana one Nathan is feeding me right now

4) ummm, erp, some nice gf/df chocolate? Maybe some gf/df bread. Gf/df pizza? Crikey, I dunno!

I've see another version that includes

Four places you'd rather be right now

Now considering it is about 35 inside the house right now and thunderstorms are brewing,

1) at the beach, a nice not crowded beach

2) high up in the mountains - Mt Buffalo or Falls Creek would be nice

3) somewhere airconditioned but not a train cos the trains' aircon is atrocious

4) a nice cool bath. Mmmmmmm......

Four bloggers I am tagging

1) My good friend Dreamcatcher
2) A new blogger Peeve (is it cruel to tag a friend on the day she sets up a blog?)
3) Sknitty just cos I can, and finally
4) A lady with long narrow feet: Clementine's Shoes

I hope that is a nice ramdom assortment from my list of bookmarks! Actually, I am happy to tag anyone who wants to be tagged, and if you care not to be tagged, I am happy not to tag you!

I think I want to make these, but I can't make them in black and white cos it is a religious thing. You can ask about the religious thing but tonight it is too hot to keep yapping. I have lots to show and tell but not now! I can't even sit outside in the cooler air cos the mossies found me despite me being smothered in DEET. It is Too Hot To Think inside. And Nathan's computer died so we are sharing my old (technically my FiL's old) G4 mac. Somemone keeps hovering at me....



  1. Argh tagged LOL!

    You can send some of that heat this way. It was foggy last night, the real, smoky-smelling/tasting fog. Eugh. Looks like it is coming down again tonight. On the plus side we have had sunshine both days this weekend :-)

  2. My you are a geek! (but such a Noice one... :)) I'm going to have to do some thinking for this...


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