Still here, waving!

G'day all!

I'm still here, I survived my second round of chemo! Well so far. Feeling rather sluggish and tired, doesn't help that it is warm. I'm not sure that I should drive up to the PiL's and go to Urban Burger for tea. If I was driven up there, fine, I'm fit for that but I feel sluggy.

Had a lovely day with MM - we chatted and chatted and blathered away happily. Dexamethasone (a steroid and one of my anti-nausea drugs) makes me fairly high and I blather away. I just can't put a sock in it. Now I am home and Nathan is off someplace else, I am blathering away online. Blah blah blah.

I haven't yet got good shots of Blood Orange - it is going to be a beast to photograph cos of the intense colours in it. Digital cameras are quite bad at dealing with intense colours (particularly reds, purples, some blues and turquoises) because their detector arrays are not capable of detecting those colours - the colours fall outside the camera's gamut.

I have a pair of socks for Nathan and some spinning to finish off my Ravelympics tasks. I don't think I'll make either of them but one never knows. If I am truly feeling sluggy, I can get a lot of knitting done (as long as I am not too lethargic!). Plus a bit of spinning breaks up the knitting.

And I got some more material to play with today and a couple of days ago. I am very pleased with it. It is rather girly. It is also only the second and third lot of Moda I've bought. Much of their stuff is too dull for me (I'm a brights girl) but Eden and Clementine appeal to me (as does Spring Fever, also by Me and My Sister). So I bought them from shops in the US. I know I should buy stuff locally but if they don't stock it, I won't, and if it costs double or more what it does if I buy direct from the US (due to all the import duties placed on it, etc), well....


PS I am waving to everyone at Stitches West - I'm missing you guys and the opportunity to buy yarn at 400-odd stalls! Buy plenty to make up for the lack of me!


  1. Glad you aren't feeling horrid side effects, just ones that make you slow AND talkative at the same time!! We have a couple of excellent burger places here: home made and delicious!!
    The material is so cute, and girly. I think I like the Spring best of all. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and buy from overseas. I think I do 50/50 with my book buying. Some books are just sooo cheap overseas!!
    Hope your burger was tasty!!

  2. Emily Adams12:00 pm

    I'll have you in spirit at Stitches this year Lynne! Take care! You are a strong woman.

  3. Thought of you as I shopped today. At least one thing I saw had your name written all over it (-:

    Maybe next year you can take a holiday and come for Stitches again.

  4. haven't made it to Stitches yet but the weekend is young! glad the steriod meds aren't making you uncomfortable--when DH had his chemo, that drug made his stomach very unhappy, and Maalox etc. only helped partly. If it's sluggishness and chattiness, take it! Besides it may make you blog more, and many of us out here love your blog. ;^)

  5. Hope you are doing ok. xxxx


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