G'day all!

I got a lovely parcel in the mail yesterday. In it was some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu in Diva (can't link to it, both the yarn and the colourway appear to be discontinued but I may be blind....) and a lovely beret in some Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort (weathered green - another colourway not listed on the website)


(Most accurate colour shot)

Isn't the beret lovely?

(Front shot doesn't show you much, does it?)

It is much too warm for today - its 32C/90F but it will come in handy for my poor presumably-by-then-hairless noggin when the weather starts cooling down :-)

Thank you, Alison! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness :-)

(I need to get pics of my Olympics projects done, eh? I have made some significant progress since the last pics but well I got distracted by stair making and more importantly, spinning some more laceweight yarn for a new project to replace the Aeolian, which was meant to be gifted but umm I am greedy and want it for myself!)



  1. Niftie Giftie!!
    Too hot here too, oh for some actual Olympic weather.....

  2. It's beautiful! I, ummm, have been meaning to ask you for your addy again. I didn't keep it when you moved to the states, bad me :(

  3. What a lovely thoughtful giftie.


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