(Rav)Olympics projects

G'day again all!

Having a slow day today. Yesterday was a Big Day Out (and I did most of the driving), and last night, well it seems that I shouldn't eat food that is spicy, nor should I eat chocolate later in the day!

So I am now allowed to cast on for the Winter Olympics. Indeed I could've cast on nearly four hours ago (if I have my timelines correct) but nah. We've got a little time yet and I am busy knitting up squares for an afghan for the family of a friend who is no longer.

What are my plans?

Well I want to make a Citron out of this handspun
(only I will run out of yarn before it is finished). I will call it blood orange though Dh thinks it should be called pink grapefruit. I hate grapefruit though.

And a small Aeolian out of this handspun
(again, probably don't have enough yarn but I may just replace the nepps with beads just to get me to the end ok)

and make a personal footprint sock for DH out of this yarn (and maybe a pair of socks)

rav_persme1 rav_persme2
and make a personal footprint sock out of some of this yarn for me... Personal footprint sock is a Cat Bordhi idea. I bought her new book before I left the US but have only just looked at it on umm Thursday?

and spin up this 80g of ?BFL? as fine as I can to make another shawl(ette).

And if I am really cruising, finish off the bedjacket that is currently stalled (it is cotton and heavy to knit) and spin up all 200g+
of this wool silk blend! Note the price of the wool silk blend - I love my local guild! They get good stuff in at cost and pass it on to us :-)

I guess I had better get cracking on all of that! Most of what I want to do is fairly brainless, quite deliberately cos I am having fairly brainless times. That will probably get worse as chemo goes on and grinds me down more. Chemo brain is fairly well known and an accepted side effect.

But when can I knit my current love? The Travelled Woman that I started on Wednesday? I need to do a post for that one too....



  1. Brainless you say?? I don't think so!! I love grapefruit, especially pink ones and I am not allowed any fruit or juice At All. Bah Humbug. Love the sock wool and the Travelling/ed Woman. It is amusing that the pattern writer thinks the British add an extra 'l' to 'travelling', when I think the USA-ians leave one out!!!
    Good luck with your Olympic events.

  2. I have so much stash to choose from and me thinks your piccies have increased the patterns on the wish list!!
    Gorgeous top too,love spinning merino silk!
    Im just taking a wee break from books and have finished a bobbin of Beatrice from Jane at Moseley Park,hoping to have enough for a cabled vest from IK,cant remember its title,LOL This ewe is EL cross but her fleece is rich black with a shimmer of silver and a soft black down undercoat!

  3. Hi Lynne
    I think you are going to love the personal footprint socks. I've been knitting that way since Cat Bordhi published her Houdini Sock Method in The Twist Collective (? Spring 2009 ?,)
    I love that the toes and heels are so simple to knit and I love opening up the sock and knitting up the (afterthought) leg. I have knitted traditional heels in the past but not any more. I think the footprint is such a clever way to knit socks -- I'm amazed at how fertile Cat's brain is. She also has you tube videos showing the basic techniques. I still reinforce my heels and also the ball of the foot with slip stitch so my socks look a bit weird until you put them on and then they mold beautifully to the foot. My socks are usually rather plain but sometimes I spice them up with lettering . I'm currently making socks for my husband that say "Banjo Man" because he's a banjo player.
    Cathy - (Jum8uck)

  4. That's a lot of projects! Lovely colours, and the shawl is very pretty.

  5. I love the Citron handspun - beautiful color and beautiful spinning! I agree with you on the blood orange name. :)


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