(Rav)Olympics Aeolian gold

G'day all!

Finished my Aeolian yesterday morning and blocked it:


(discovered my poor old sheet was unable to keep up with Nathan's hogging of said sheet and it has parted company with itself... very sad! Old, soft and comfy it was but ah well. Lots of rags instead!)

Then today we went up to BAAG

Where I got a few modelled shots.




Hooray! Aeolian is done! Row 43 of the edging was not so bad cos I did not insist on doing it all in one go. Instead I picked it up and put it down several times during the day. The cast off took a while cos I started doing it with two strands of yarn (I had plenty left over!), then with the dark end of the ball of yarn (looked wrong) then with the lighter end that blended (looked much better).

Taking the shawl with me was very handy because I could drape it over my hat/neck to keep the sun off (I had sunscreen on but the nape of my neck has not seen sunshine in years). My hair is getting pretty darned thin now - it always was fine but plenty of it, now fine and not much of it. Still, many bald people would love to have this much hair.

I was feeling very ripped off about losing my head hair and not losing hair from places where it is less wanted. I am now pleased to say that some of that hair is going as well! Not all of it but some. I plucked at some today and it came right out without any sort of fight. Hooray! Plus the oncologist was very pleased with my progress so far and how well I am doing. I admit, I am doing pretty darned well so far - I'm not as energetic as normal, I'm noticing mucous membrane weirdness but overall I am pretty darned good. Long may it last! Someone keep their fingers crossed for me, touch wood, all those sorts of things. Admittedly this is my "good" week out of the three and I've noticed I am feeling much more like doing things than I was last week.

The upshot of going to BAAG?


8-) That is a LOT of plants. The big ones are all tropical fruit trees which we have to find good places to put around the yard. Most will deal with a light frost (which is what we can get any time from May to September but not very often) so they have a chance of surviving here in Melbourne. The smaller plants range from a gloxinia through to herbs through to an eremophila. I *love* BAAG. They are one of my two favourite nurseries - the other being Kuranga (which specialises in native plants). The thing I really like about BAAG is their huge range of fruit trees and "useful" plants. But they also have heaps of natives and indigenous plants and whathaveyou. Plus they have chooks. It is a really nice nursery, well worth driving 45 minutes to reach (oddly enough about the same time it takes to get to Kuranga).

Plus this afternoon, DH had a big pile o' **** delivered. It is currently stinking out the back yard. He is going to have some problems with it simply cos I will not be available to help move it this weekend.



  1. The Aeolian is so pretty, congrats on finishing! Good to hear you are "officially" doing so well on the treatment. That's one impressive haul of plants from the nursery. Still way too early to plant anything here, and we've had so much frost and even snow this winter too. Wish it would warm up to seasonal norms!

  2. Aeolian looks beautiful and you look pretty happy wearing it as well. I am glad things are going well oncologically, and I will add my crossed fingers and all The Labradors crossed paws to the effort as well!!

  3. That is adorable Lynne!!I have nice bundle of EGMTKs silk merino in burnt oranges reds and pink,about a third of the bobbin is done but its been stashed to get afew other things off the WIP list!
    I envy that nursery too!!!

  4. It is stunning! Love the darker violet edge.

    So glad to hear your doing OK with the chemo!

  5. The Aeolian is lovely Lynne :) Good luck to Nathan with the garden :)

  6. So glad you're having a good week, Lynne. And Aeolian is really gorgeous. Love the colour, too.

    Wish we could go plant-shopping together!

  7. Congratulations on the completion of the Aeolian, it looks very pretty. At BAAG, you were about 5 minutes from my place! Nice haul, I'm currently wishing for a water tank, then I'll start working on the garden!

  8. Congratulations on finishing Aeolian!


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