(Rav)Olympic out of date update

G'day all!

I'm still plugging away at Aeolian and Blood Orange. OMG, they are starting to get tough, simply due to the number of stitches.

Citron/Blood Orange is basically stocking stitch (stockinette). Every few rows, it doubles in stitch count then a few rows later halves the number of stitches on the needles. Lots of good plain knitting for when my brain is fried!

Aeolian. Oh lordie, this one is getting to me now! It is taking an hour to do a row and back. Two rows and I've had enough.


I only have 3 major pattern rows to go, but when I took this pic yesterday, I wasn't far into the edging.


I thought the nupps (said noops, I hope nupp is a transliteration of the Estonian, otherwise I'll go sick at Americans who say doo for due (dew) - no wonder we can't say noop cos we see nup, as in nup, wasn't me!) would drive me insane but they are much more fun than beads! You can see one of my ginormous nupps in the top left of the pic above. I've tried three different sizes (5 loops, 7 loops and 9 loops). I've settled on seven stitch nupps. They are still enormous but the five loop ones are almost invisible. The nine stitch ones are enormous bobbles.

Soon I have to do the row where every second or third stitch is beaded, including various decreases. That row is described as "monstrous" and I expect it to take a good two hours or more to complete.

As a result, I am going to do something else for a while!

Am feeling a little distressed - my hair is starting to fall out. It makes this whole thing more Real. You might think that it was already Real, what with being able to feel the lumps and all, but nope, losing my hair is Real. We'll see how much falls out. I'm saving what I can in a baggie cos some unknown reason. Maybe I'll blend it with some coarser wool and spin it. I've got some clippers to use when the hair loss gets awful (thanks DN!). I'm told my scalp will most likely be horribly sensitive. I've got the (polyester) satin pillowcases at the ready. I bought some pink cotton jersey yesterday to make some little caps with, ones that I hope will be handy to sleep in and wear with my wool caps when the weather gets colder. If they work out, then I'll make some rainbow coloured ones - saw some good stripey material in Scroaties yesterday.

Every morning and every evening I have the joy of scenes like this
(Are you EVER going to feed me?)

and this
(I so cute you have to feed me, even when I scratch myself)

and an awful lot of this - my bowl is EMPTY! WHERE's the FOOD?

Cheshire gets very insistent about being fed. Nutmeg is somewhat more subtle. She is also camera shy - she hates the red light it flashes to do the metering. But once in a while I get a nice shot of her.




  1. Love the cat pictures, I know how insistent they can be.
    An hour for a row?? You are a dedicated Olympian. It's looking pretty gorgeous though nuppy and beady. I had no idea how to say nupps, in the same way when I was small I had no idea how to say Sioux!Bah humbug about your hair. Reality can be boogelly.

  2. Love the knitting and the cats are very cute. The hair is annoying and frustrating and disheartening but it will grow back that is one of the amazing things about it. Maybe you'll end up with curls!!!! If it gets to be too much just shave it off and have done with it. It's distressing to have this in your face reality of your illness brought home and I feel for you. Thinking calming and healing thoughts for you.

  3. The knitting is very pretty - lovely beads. I know that hungry look well - those cats have it down pat.


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