Olympics - day 3 progress

G'day all!

I am into my (Rav)Olympic projects now.

Here's the World's Ugliest Sock - my personal footprint sock. I've been using scraps to knit it with. I love the emerald green and the heathered burgundy colours but not together! And the heel itself is knitted in some leftover hand-dye that I did ages ago.


This is the foot blank. At the time I took the pic, it had no leg hole. See the white lines? They are where I had to pick up the stitches and put them back on the needles, then the pink bit is the centre stitch that was snipped so that I could make a leg hole!

I've practically finished it now - only another round or two before I cast it off. It is a "footie" type sock now cos I can't be bothered finding some more Patonyle scraps to give it an actual cuff. I figure it will either be frogged or will be a lonely little sock always wanting a mate. Maybe I'll use some Lorna's Laces leftovers to make it a mate. Heck, it only took me since yesterday morning to make...

The other thing I am working on at present is the Aeolian in my handspun Brachyscome.


Oh my. I am feeling the love for this though I wonder if it will be a handkerchief, not a shawlette. I am now halfway through the fourth repeat of the first pattern and if I block it out hard, it is only 16cm high and maybe 50cm wide if I pull it pretty hard. But oh so pretty! Maybe even worth the agony of having to slot on all those beads. There's beads between each pair of yarn overs. (I foolishly threw out my oral b super floss when we left the US and now have to track it down locally - it is available here but this is my low immune week and I should stay away from people. I am using a bit of bent fuse wire instead to places the beads. It works but is a bit of a hassle.)

How on earth will I bear to give it away? Maybe I'll have to give away another Traveling Woman instead, the shawlette I've started but not blogged.

Okey dokey, gotta keep trucking with this sock, get it cast off so I can say one thing done! I'll have to do one for DH too and then make the rest of a pair of socks for him.



  1. You are so dedicated with all those beads. It is beautiful. Stay away from people!! They are full of germs!!!
    Wow, that is a very complicated sock, I am not sure I cut cut my sock. You are very brave sock-wise!!!

  2. All that knitting looks tricky. Looks hard.

    Well, it looks impossible really.

  3. Love the colour on the Aeolian it is superb. Hope it gets big enough to be useful.

  4. Let me know if you need anything - bead needles work well too.

    I'm using the yellow yarn you gave me for my Knitting Olympics project.


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