Now with less hair

G'day all!

I am having real difficulty working out a good title for this post.

Today I cut my hair off. As I set the scissors (the new Good scissors, with the spring action not the usual lever affair) to my hair, I felt a little nervous. I've never had hair shorter than jaw length, well apart from when I was a baldie baby.

But I cut it, cos I'd prefer to have the hair and be able to use it rather than have it clog the shower drain (which it may well do anyway). Then I got DH to tidy it up a bit.

From the front, it looks like I've got my hair pulled back, well similar to that.


The cut is not going to win any awards by any stretch of the imagination. I'm surprised by how dark my hair is - the underside away from the sun is quite a dark blonde. Still blonde though - the light catches it as blonde. More a caramel colour not bright straw like I am used to.


It feels very odd not to have long hair. My scalp feels weird. When I tip my head back, no hair sorta bunches on my shoulders and feeds back to the follicles. No long wet hair dripping everywhere after a shower. No conditioner needed either. Heck soon I'll probably hardly need to wash my hair, no make that HEAD either. The ultimate in easy care hair!

Now I have a pony tail to play with, well a lot of piggy tails - about 15 of them. They might be quite useful for me if I get sick of being bald or pretty much hairless but don't want to wear a wig. (Haven't bought a wig yet.)

I am sure I will miss my hair, especially when the rest of it falls out. I'll be well on my way to being a trannie impersonator then. With a little Gothing it up, I look like a bloke impersonating a woman. My features are not small and feminine, which is ok cos I am not dainty in any way either. But I promise to hit anyone who calls me Dumbo, or get someone to thump them for me. My ears are suddenly visible rather than hidden under hair. (must remember to put sunscreen on them!)

Now I am just over halfway through the chemo cycle. My immune system should be regenerating I hope cos I am bored with staying home, not that I have many options if I don't want to walk or drive! I did go out on Sunday morning, tried to avoid people, wiped my hands lots with that alcohol sanitising gel, got the fruit and veg from the farmers' market, went to Scroatfight, went to the supermarket, the pet food store... which reminds me I must hop along to the vet's and book the cats in for their annual injections/check up and see if they have any of the food the cats like/need.



  1. There you go Lynne --- short hair can be quite freeing. By the way my sister who has a short haircut, told me NEVER uses shampoo conditioner or soap on her hair any more and it looks and smells very clean (that's the Melbourne water for you). Since going shampoo free, it has a lot of body to it and spikes up quiet naturally. Don't know if she could get away with it here in San Jose where the hard water deposits would probably form a helmet on her head. :-)

  2. Sure can be a nice change to go from long to short, I did it a year or so ago from half way down my back. It's so much cooler in the Summer! It did take a bit of getting used to though but once I did it was ace. Don't forget the sunscreen though or you'll know about it :-)

  3. Well I dont think you have big ears!!!I just saw a wonderful smile!!!

  4. You look GREAT, Lynne...and I think it's kind of fun to have short-short hair once in awhile. Love having the ponytails available, too. I could see you with a baseball cap, with a ponytail attached through that little hole in the back where you tighten up the hat...cute!

  5. I like your hair cut.


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