MIA - no reports!

G'day all!

My (Rav)Olympic reports have disappeared! AKA I forgot to take pictures, two days in a row. Ooops. It's been a choice of cook and eat tea or take pictures. Given I've got an appetite and a half currently, I'm happy to cook and eat.

Well the knitting is continuing apace. I am past the transition chart of Aeolian and into what the 11th or 13th row of the edging. The fun part is will I have enough yarn? Also, I made the classic mistake of putting a lifeline through the stitchmarkers, and I've made these stitchmarkers well enough that I had to break the life line to release them. I just stuck some beading elastic through the hole of the knitpicks interchangeables and knitted across, forgetting to take the stitchmarkers out for that row. 8-D

But I am in good company - Mrspao also has done it and I am sure that pretty much everyone has done it at some point....

I am onto the third section of my Blood Orange (citron) shawlette/scarfy thing.

My hair hasn't fallen out yet - I keep tugging what remains of it to see but nope, it's staying in for the nonce. And my leg hair is growing like the clappers. I had to buy an electric razor cos it is just horrid. It is still warm enough to wear shorts and whilst DH doesn't mind, I do! (Especially if I go out.) I've got very pale skin and well I'm not blonde all over.... My scalp is hurting - it is all knotted up cos it is used to having the hair pull it down and now the hair isn't pulling it and it isn't something you really think about normally. But ow! I might take some paracetamol, see if it settles some.

Helmet is back from the car doctor. He is roadworthy and ready to run. He still has the annoying stutter though. Right in front of a bus, just after I changed lanes. Maybe it is crud in the fuel line. (and yes, I did presume he is Helmet due to the resemblance to a Stormtrooper helmet...)

So tomorrow I need to get pics of the projects in progress. You'll be amazed at the size of the nupps on my Aeolian. I did small ones for the first set, then let rip with 9 stitch nupps for the second set. I am really glad that they are not paired next to each other cos they are really quite quite large and to my sick little mind, rather suggestive. I think the next lots will be 7 stitch nupps, not teensy and not enormous.

Enough rambling, on with another row of Aeolian before bed.



  1. Glad I'm not the only one to trap my stitch markers!!!

  2. Little Helmet is roadworthy, huh? That's fine news - perhaps we should do the whole transfer of ownership thing when I remember to give you the rego sticker? Then you can deal with insurance and the like. And I can transfer mine to whatever replaces him.

    He is a good and faithful little car, and I'll be glad to see him protecting your head. And the rest of you.


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