(Rav)Olympics 22 Feb 2010

G'day all!

I have Aeolian beaten into submission.

I hope I do not speak too soon 8-)

But 30 minutes or so ago I finished the Monster Row from Hell.


Yes, row 43 of the edging involves beading roughly every third stitch, including a lot of decrease stitches. For every k2tog, you have to slip the first stitch, bead the second, slip the first stitch back again (carefully to make sure it sits correctly on the needle) then k2tog. There's a few k2tog. And just as many SSKs but they are easier to bead cos the stitch to be beaded is right there.

Now I have three rows to go, with the bind off. And um the blocking. That will be a challenge!

Hooray for me!

Today the cats had to go to the vet for their annual service. That was amusing - poor things got shoved into their carriers (after I knocked a redback off the side of one of the carriers and then got paranoid that I'd somehow been bitten), put on the wheely thing (like removalists or delivery people use to carry stuff) and wheeled to the end of the road. Nutmeg howled half the way there but at least it was not as bad as when we put them in the car and the pair of them caterwaul all the way. (I was pleased to see that Nutmeg tries to get away from cars, particularly noisy ones. I think she's had a run in with some street racer at some point.) After enduring various indignities at the vet (palpation, vaccination, worming), they were actually glad to get back into the carriers! The carriers smell right I guess. We wheeled them home where they then didn't want to come out of the carriers. LOL And they didn't ignore us or get cranky for taking them to the vet - they seemed rather pleased to be with us!

Also today we paid out another thousand dollars for our cargo from the US. Before the end of the month, we have to pay out another thousand for the house insurance and various bills that have shown up. $1250 for the car's fixings (worth it, methinks cos whilst he is ancient, he is still a good little car and very honest, you know exactly what he is up to at any time not like these plush boats that glide around the roads these days). Thank heavens for some savings!

Anyway, it means that our Stuff will be arriving soon. It seems to have gotten here quite quickly - the getting it through customs has taken most of this month. We are not displeased though.



  1. Poor but very good kittens. I bet you are glad they see you as being the best thing now. Well, compared to the vet!!!

    You have so much patience, all that beading. Worth every effort though, it looks gorgeous!!

  2. Aeolian is absolutely ... beautiful. Can't wait to see it finished in all it's glory.

  3. I have to get my poor bunny to get his mixo shot!!!
    Love love that shawl,its been on my wish list for a while,maybe Ill start it as a reward for finishing first or second assignment

  4. Hooray for finishing the row from hell!

  5. Beautiful shawl. It looks amazing.

  6. Awesome job on Aeolian.

  7. Aeolian is looking smashing, Lynne...you enabler, you!

    Poor little kitties -- but at least they appreciated you by the end of their trials.

  8. Fabulous shawl. Glad your stuff is finally getting there. Hope all the fluff makes it through customs.

    We miss you.


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