Skink with a death wish

G'day all!

Just a real quick one.

Nutmeg, also known as Her Imperial Overlord, is the scourge of small wriggly things everywhere. Huntman spiders are one of her favourite toys, but even better are skinks. (Tassie link but our skinks look quite similar and umm the last line? *blush* I do my best to stop Nutmeg hunting the poor little beasts.)

So this morning, I get out of bed. As usual my first duty is to Feed the Cats - after all, one of them has been examining me quite close up for some time, wondering if she'll have to eat me. (Nutmeg gets to sleep on the bed at night.)

Luckily this morning, I somehow managed to beat the cats to the food bowl. Luckily? Cos out from under it shoots a skink. Here's me on hands and knees trying to get it into my hands, my nice warm hands, come here little skink before the cats notice. Please little skink! Please, you want to live and I am your best option!

Cheshire twigs something is up and starts scouting for small wriggly things, Nutmeg still hasn't, thank heavens! I manage to tip some kibble into the bowl to distract them a little with one hand clamped over the skink.

The skink decides a nice warm hand is a good thing - it is quite cold, as you would be after spending a night under a cat bowl on a vinyl tiled floor.... So I took it out the front and let it go in a rather wild spot with lots of undergrowth and hopefully bugglies for it to eat and shelter from the Dread Scourge of Lizards.



  1. Ah, potential friend or snack skink. We do have those here!! In dogs' bowls!!


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