Knitting knitting knitting

G'day all!

I am frantically knitting Nathan's discovery socks. Frantic is the word. I have 20 hours to finish two toe-up socks, one of which is not at the heel, one is on the leg but I need to reknit the heel.

Thank you to those scouring Stitches for things for me. You are very sweet :-)

Sluggy weekend - chemo is knocking me around a bit but that is to be expected. As long as it knocks the cancer around more, I am happy! Or at least content enough. Or willing to put up with having very little spare energy and being a bit burpy.

I have pics of Blood Orange but am yet to edit them. Will probably have to wait for another day whilst I finish this pair of socks, well hopefully. It is teensy! Such a little thing, but the lady who knitted it looks like a little thing as well, which may explain why she can get it around her neck more than 1.25 times. Not that I knitted Blood Orange for me. It is not my colours.

We've been moving stuff into the attic. Actually, Nathan has been moving stuff, I've just been going through some bits and bobs to see what is worth keeping. I found my tax stuff from the 80s and 90s. I don't need to keep it but I might make a list of how much I earned each year. It was not a lot! I can remember thinking $15,000 was a good income. Well heck, it was compared to $797 or $200....

To make up for lack of knitting pics, I give you
a pic of a smiling cat instead! Nutmeg very much enjoys being patted, even enough to sit on Nathan's lap for a while.



  1. I love that photo of Nutmeg being patted, sheer cat bliss.
    Glad you are feeling reasonable OK!!!

  2. That is one happy kitty cat. Glad you are feeling ok ish.


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