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G'day all!

Still trucking along here. So far so good. Currently the chemo side effect is a bit of indigestion, though that could just be me gutsing my food. It is humid (not by tropical standards, I admit) and not very hot but plenty warm enough for me at the moment. It is making it very unpleasant to do stuff around the house. Move a box, sit down and sweat for half an hour. I would say rinse, repeat, but I seem to lose interest in moving stuff or even investigating box contents pretty darned fast!

(Cheshire making himself at home on the bed. Normally this is Nutmeg's place. Note the cats are on a diet...)

We had some friends over on Sunday. They helped out around the place. They fixed up the walls in the study and washed them and started on the painting. They did more cleaning up around the kitchen. One of the walls in the loungeroom is now washed and awaiting ideas for colour. Two chaps got into the mess under the lemon tree and sorted it out somewhat, and went all Peter Cundall on the lemon tree itself. (We have a box of lemons for anyone who will, and I do mean a BOX - probably about 200 of the things.) We finished off with a BBQ for those that were still around. Thanks to everyone who came around and lent a hand. Now we only have the bathroom walls, kitchen walls and loungeroom walls to deal with! Hooray!

I have to show off pics of all our new paint jobs and the floors and the progress along the way but umm, well I have to take pics of the finished items!

Today I got down and dirty with the bathroom floor. You would not believe the wonders that an old toothbrush can reveal. Like the floor is not a dirty grey blue but blue blue! (No I didn't wash the whole floor with a toothbrush, just the grotty edges.)

I am way behind on blogging the things I've been knitting and spinning. For some reason spinning goes down very well at the moment - it is hot and it is nice to sit in front of a fan and spin. Nicer than knitting even!


Here's last month's socks. A very blurry picture, I am afraid, and I need some better shots displaying the things to a greater advantage. The Regia galaxy yarn was a gift from Dreamcatcher and the pattern is yet another variant on my own sock pattern. The one that I should share some time, but surely everyone has their own favourite variant of someone else's sock pattern by now? The socks are not a proper pair cos I got bored with the little cable cross on them but they are matchy matchy enough for me.

(Nutmeg in a brief interlude on Nathan's lap. She is not a lap cat.)

OK, back to a bit of spinning in front of the fan, with a glass of water by my side. I am drinking water like a fish at the moment. I have to drink at least 2L of water a day and that is tedious! OK, I can have it in the form of herbal tea, jelly, juice, soup, anything not caffeinated (and presumably without all the guarana and that sort of stuff) but really? Water is good! Me! Drinking water by choice! But our water is good. It's not coppery or irony or nasty tasting in any way so it is almost a pleasure to drink plain tap water. (Ask me in a couple of chemo cycles time and I might change my mind.)



  1. I love your cats, poor cats being on a diet!!! No, I can see a little diet might be a good thing.
    Glad you are having few side effects!!!
    Nice socks, and you are very clever to distract yourself from drinking 2L by spinning!!

  2. Glad to hear you are making progress on your house and it was nice you had friends able to come and help. 200 lemons - that's a lot.

    Your pusses look so content. I bet they are glad to have you back diet or no.

  3. You could try some lemon juice in the water. If you like that, then freeze juice in an ice-cube tray for months of easy lemon juice. I could do some squeezing for you when we come around with the bookshelves.

  4. Hi Lynne
    I'm back in CA after a whirlwind visit to my family in Oz for my mother's 90th. I checked your blog a few times and saw that you had a lot on your plate.
    One recommendation for a really delightful herb tea is ROIBUS (South African redbush tea). (It features frequently in the Number One Ladies' Detective Agency series by Alexander McCall Smith).
    It's caffeine free and very tasty with or without lemon or honey with or without milk --- hot or cold. I bought some at a Woolworth's supermarket in Melbourne so I know it's available over there. Supposedly it helps with digestion and colic and promotes sleep. I fancy it might be very nice when you are battling nausea and tummy upsets.
    All the best
    Cathy (jum8uck)

  5. Glad to hear you are trucking along ok. Good luck with the colour choices, worst comes to worst you paint over them!!


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