G'day all!

I have nearly finished my Blood Orange again. This will be the third go at the last 8 rows. Argh, kill me now - it is plain stocking stitch but I've tried to be clever and it hasn't worked....

But assuming I don't run out of yarn, it will be cast off before I go to bed tonight. I have to get a good night's sleep cos tomorrow is my chemo date with MM.

Whoops, forgot to post.

Blood Orange is done! I have about 3m of yarn left. OK, I need to block it yet cos umm it is WEENY! Like it doesn't even make it around my neck once! But it is a cute sorta capelet thing. And the yarn is gorgeous (of course it is, I spun it myself and one of my favourite dyers provided the top).

Pics later when it is light and I have blocked it and have some time to get shots. Of the scarflette. I'll be getting plenty of other shots tomorrow. Yikes!



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