(Rav)Olympics 16 Feb 2010

G'day all!

It has been a day packed with action here at the Modest Manor. This is your 8pm update published at 10pm. Yep, we are up to date here!

DH has been hammering himself, pretty much literally, trying to get the measurements for the built in cupboards with stairs on them correct. We know what they should be and how big everything should be but our house is not square and working out the corrections is hard! There's been some melt downs along the way too.

Last night, I finished the sock.


Yesirree, it doesn't have much of a leg but that is because I didn't want to sacrifice any more yarn to it. The sock is a good fit, very good, as one would expect from a sock custom fitted to my foot, and the shortness isn't a problem either. But the colours? This one may be frogged and the yarn reclaimed for other projects....

On the knitting front, I cast on Citron not just once but twice! I needed a fairly brainless pattern to help offset the brains required for the transition pattern of Aeolian. I was knitting away quite happily on Citron when I realised that I had started with the yarn that should be the rind of my Blood Orange version of Citron. So I ripped it and started over.

Don't ask me what colour that should be. Under CFL, it is luridly orange scarlet but outside it looked a very hot magenta.

Aeolian. Oh I am enjoying this one, well when my brain is not frying. It isn't particularly hard so far, no techniques I've never used before, but I am at one of the stages where no line is repeated so you have to look at the pattern chart all the time, which means being at the computer all the time cos our printer is on a boat on its way from the US. I am a bit sick of sitting at the computer but sitting anywhere else is difficult due to the lack of storage options and the husbandly prowess and my lack of progress in getting stuff stashed away in the bedroom - we don't have many chairs inside and our couch is mostly inaccessible.

(It really has progressed since yesterday, honest!)

At the time I took the picture, I had three more rows (plus purl rows) of the transition pattern to go. I've done another row since then. I would like to knit more of it but my brain has melted into a puddle (not that it is very hot at all, just my brain has gone for the night).

The cats are very funny at the moment. Poor things are on a diet. They are getting enough food, they just don't have food ad libitum any longer - there isn't always food in their bowl. Cheshire makes a lot of pointed remarks about the lack of food. He gallops to the kitchen if I get up. You will feed me now? At least it is still a question and not a demand. Nutmeg just sits next to me, resigned to her fate of starvation. If Cheshire makes enough racket in the kitchen, Nutmeg goes and checks it out. Maybe food has magically appeared in the foodbowl!

Or maybe Nutmeg is just sitting next to me, keeping an eye on my and hoping I'll die - then she can have a really good feed!



  1. Wow, such progress, I can see all the beads too, they are lovely.
    I never thought cats were so vocal until I met MrsDrWho's cats. They complain and carry on when they think they should be fed, or played with, or let outside for a walk..anything at all really! Good luck with their diet!!

  2. How long before your Printer arrives!!I have print out here in my mass of Knitty ones if You'd like me to post it over?
    The colour is gorgeous too!!


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