G'day again all!

I was a naughty bad girl today. At the shop I found a discounted bonus pack of omnigrid rulers (useful for quilting and anything where you need a straight edge) for the same price as the one I was going to buy (except the one I was going to buy was also discounted, so I spent more than I needed to). So I bought the set. I brought them home and just thought I'll open up the pack and pull out the one for I need for marking my current quilt project.

The beast BIT me! (not for the truly squeamish) It cut my thumb tip open! My main knitting thumb! Gosh now I am cranky with it. I didn't realise the edges of those things were sharp! But they are really quite sharp and the corners? Yikes, you could have an eye out with those things. Maybe the bonus packs are made cheaper than the single rulers - my green one has sharp corners but you'd have to do more than run your finger along the edge to cut yourself on it.

I'll show it! I'll USE it with eXtreme prejudice!

Another thing I thought is fascinating is the wash out markers for marking lines on embroidery or quilting come in blue or purple/mauve. So very handy given that the material I am using is blue or purple/mauve.... You can't buy red or green or other coloured ones. OK, when I move on to the rasta quilt it will be fine but at the moment, argh!



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