Love hate relationship

G'day all!

Yesterday I finished my July PSC socks. Yay! Cleopatra's Stockings by Yarnissima in STR lightweight Shrinking Violet, part of last years Rockin Sock Club.

This is a very nice pattern and makes one think about as one's knitting but I really didn't enjoy it.


Why not?


All those knit through the back loops!


Why do I hate ktbl?


Cos I knit using the "lever" method (English style, yarn in right hand, right index finger flicks the yarn around the needle which moves from 10am to 12:30ish as I flick the yarn, stitches move from left to right needles). I only take my hand off the right needle at the end of a row or to retension the yarn. You might ask why this makes ktbl annoying - after all the needle feeding stitches is on the left side. My left index finger helps both feed the stitches and also controls the tip of the right needle. With my normal knit into the front of the stitch, the tip of the needle slides sideways along my finger tip. With ktbl, I stab my left index finger. After a while it starts getting a bit aggrieved. I've tried all sorts of adjustments to stop this happening and not one has worked! Knitting is not meant to be painful!

(I admit to liking the k2togtbl though - much easier than slip one, knit one, psso or variants thereof.)

But the socks are pretty. More details on Rav. And the pattern is a possibility for the wotisit draw next Monday. You just have to send an email to me at natielthreeoneone at gmaildotcom with a guess for the most recent wotisit (I would say previous wotisits but I've revealed what they are! Makes the guessing reallllly easy!). I'll be drawing one lucky winner of either a set of stitchmarkers or the Cleopatra's Stocking pattern, and the more entries you've made along the way, the more chances you get of winning!



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