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G'day all!

What a fun week so far! In more than the usual sense of the word.

I've finished a couple of things, I've had a pap smear (and now have to have a pelvic ultrasound, a mammogram and blood tests - have to check up on previously diagnosed fibroids, mammogram screening starts at age 40 here and I haven't had bloods done since umm years ago when I had no exercise tolerance and then found out that I had been accidentally eating stuff with milk powder in it), I've got more things to make, DH woke up today all dizzy and I had to make him breakfast and look after him (you might think breakfast would be a no go but he was hungry), it is STINKING HOT today - it has cracked the old ton in Campbell and I was out on the bike doing the shopping.... Anyway the new doctor is a heap better than the other one and didn't do the revolving door trick with me. I cracked funnies all the way through cos the alternative was to clock him and run out the door in a backless gown... with a speculum stuck in my privates. (I admit to being particularly proud of the slurping noise I made when the speculum was pulled out, and it cracked him and the female nurse who is in attendance up.)

Oh. That shawl that I had to refinish? I just discovered as I started blocking it that in the second last row of lace, I made a mistake. In one spot only. At the end of a lace zigzag. It is sorta obvious. I am not ripping out all the edging (hours of edging, hours and hours and interminable HOURS of edging). I am thinking a little bit of thread will close up the yarn over hole and noone will ever know. Except of course you guys, my nearest and dearest buddies on the whole world wide web (except for those who don't comment cos really I am not psychic!).

Now to stop prattling (I'm a bit put off by the ultrasound tomorrow cos what if it isn't ok? Lots of things could be wrong!) and get on with the point of this blog. Finished objects are what you want to see, right?

Bamboo nylon socks, fibre-reactive dyeing by me (aka white ball of yarn thrown into the bag that had Too Much Dye in it - hence the purple at the top of one sock and the blue at the toe of the other. Chromatography is a wonderful thing).

Same pattern as I've been testing for ages. Must write the flaming thing up now it seems to work and get it published.

Very over these socks. Especially since I made one just a little short and the other a little long.

Dunno if they will be wearable in summer or winter but they survived their first machine wash (and I forgot to put them in a lingerie bag so they got the full effect of the wash.

I finished the little quilt. It is a lap quilt I reckon. It is about 40" long and 30" wide. (oh my, how much is that in cm? I am losing touch with the True Path of Measurement!) 100cm and umm 75cm?


Sewing the binding on took a while and took a toll on my poor left index finger. At least it isn't my main knitting finger - that is the right index finger!

I even put the binding strips together in such a way as to line up the stripes. This one was about the least successful. (V.proud of myself :-)

(Whoops, just got sucked into the quiltalong discussion on Flickr.)

Tomorrow I should have the results of the shop shawl, the cashmere one with the stuffed lace bit that I now have to fix. Dangnabbit. I should have it all blocked by then. It is a pita to block cos the lace needs to be pulled out, I have a very small area to block it in and it has the shoulder shaping. I'm blocking it a third at a time - each of the front thirds in front of the shoulder shaping then the back third.



  1. Sounds like you have had some interesting times. Good luck for the ultrasound, the joys of being a woman. LOL!

  2. Ah the joys of the yearly check up. It always seems more of a production over there than here. Here I keep most of my clothes on!!!! The heat would make me dizzy Every Day.
    I think a little judicious hole closing on the shawl is the way to go. Really I do.
    Love the pattern on the socks. You do tend to play wild and loose with your pairs of socks!! I seem to remember that before!!
    Your quilt is great. The measurements are about right. The mitred corner is very nice and you show great patience matching the stripes!!

  3. Looks like Wednesdays or Friday mornings are the best for me to do anything this month. I'm glad your ankle is feeling better.

  4. Those scans are always a horrible experience. The socks and quilt look great.


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