Hooray, another FO

G'day all!

Today I finished the blocking, tidied the ends and handed over the Faroese Shawl (rav link) for my LYS. I am so glad to see it gone. Not that it was hard to knit or anything or any sort of a problem - come on I was knitting with cashmere! Reclaimed, less guilt making cashmere. No it was just it had been about for Long Enough and I needed to move on and start something else. Or just spin madly for the Tour de Fleece.

I guess you'd like some pics, eh?

Before blocking

(can't believe that I took a pic almost a month ago that basically shows the very same image only half as long!)

During blocking - blasted hard to block cos of the shoulder shaping, so only the back is being blocked here

(and now a front)

the shoulder shaping that lets it do this

and this
(Stunning self portraits, eh? That grin is one of relief, a) because it is finished and b) because I didn't have to drink another litre of water and hang on until I was busting. TMI? Want more? Did you know they put condoms on the ahem internal probe heads? I didn't. It was an amazing learning experience.)



  1. The shawl is perfect, really truly perfect. No wonder you're grinning!

    Oh, and yes I did know that :p

  2. That shawl is stunning! I can understand how you are glad it is done, but you should be quite proud :)

    And I didn't know that either.

  3. Wow, gorgeous shawl, Lynne...isn't it neat how those Faroese-type shawls stay on your shoulders where you put them?

  4. Gorgeous shawl,you did a great job!!Are you implying an invasive ladies test? Ill be with you there...my appointment is next month,cringe!

  5. Fabulous shawl!

    And I didn't know "that" either LOL! Have only ever had external ultrasounds though!

  6. No, I didn't know that!! Thanks for the image in my head. I love your swirly modelling, it definitely enhances the lovely shawl!!

  7. Stunning shawl! I hope the ultrasound went ok.


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