The Challenge

G'day all!

Today was the Challenge Day in the Tour de Fleece.

Just after 9am, I grabbed my trusty wheel and some pre-drafted Miss Babs merino/bamboo in Watermelon. I thought it was 6 oz but it was only 4. Ah well, not quite as challenging then but still more than I've spun in a day for aaaaaaages.

By midday we were going pretty well (after some happy distraction looking up facial wounds in WWI - it was my Pop's deathiversary today and he had had a facial wound). We were outside and spinning like a demon in the dappled sun under the birch trees. It was only about 22C/low 70s. Very pleasant.


At 2pm I started on the second bobbin.



It was all spun up a little after 6pm and ready to ply.

I had to unply the first 50m of two ply yarn - it was horrid! This yarn wanted to be navajo or chain plied. So I complied with its plying decision!

I ended up with 240m of DK/8ply or so weight yarn

and a little 36m skein of coiled cuteness. I was all done by 9:15pm. It took me roughly 8 hours to spin and ply up just over one kilometre of singles.

See the difference between the yarn colours? The little skein is muddier in colour cos pink and green are almost compliments of each other - mix them and they go muddy. It is why I had to navajo ply the big skein. But I wanted a little coily goodness as well and it worked quite quite well.

I am pretty pleased with the overall result.

I had big plans to talk to this temping agency yesterday. But I couldn't find the phone. Today I looked for it a bit harder. I used the base station's locator to find it. I'm hovering around DH's armchair looking for the handset. I can hear it ringing, it is definitely somewhere around the chair, but I can't see it. Nope, not there, not there, not hiding under that book, nope still can't find it, dangit it's stopped ringing! So I make the locator call it again.

When I looked under DH's chair I could see a roughly rectangular shape in the underlining. The phone. It had slipped down the side of the chair, through a hole in the upper upholstery, through the stuffing and into the bottom of the seat. I busted a fingernail getting it out! Life is sooo tough.

BTW, The Blog has spoken. Looks like I'm cancelling my Sock Summit classes, accommodation and travel. Sniffle. Still wanna go but really I guess Europe is a bigger more fun trip.

BTW BTW, the Dr has spoken too. Nothing wrong with me though I want to keep an eye on my triglycerides. More exercise and watch the diet. Crikey, I thought I did a fair whack of walking and riding but I guess I have to do more! And I'll knock off the chippies and not-icecream a bit more.

Back to having my butt kicked by this remaining bit of BFL top - it took all day yesterday to spin up about 80g of it. Getting a little over this one!



  1. Wow, Lynne, the Watermelon DK is absolutely gorgeous! Way to go! And the primary colors one is wonderful,'re really on a roll.

    And I think you made the right decision on Sock Summit, though I, too, will be sobbing a bit in August over not being there! We leave for Oz tonight...back here again Oct. 20.

  2. Beautiful yarn. I'm glad you're coming to Europe.


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