Home again home again jiggeddy jig!

G'day all!

Well what an amazing 8 days we just had. We drove nearly 3000 miles. 375 miles a day. Holy guacamole, that is 600km a day! No wonder we've had enough of being in the car! (No wonder I got very little knitting done because I drove most of the way and 600km a day plus sight seeing = 12 hour days.)

We saw amazing stuff. We saw Nevada green. That was gobsmacking (I am sure I bored people to death with my observations of GREEN! NEVADA! GREEN!).

Nevada is supposed to be high desert but it rained for two weeks and it was green. There was even free water just laying around on the ground!

Idaho was green too, from irrigation from this river. (You should see the Snake River where it isn't in a gorge - it is fat, free flowing yet lazy looking and at the top of its banks due to call for irrigation. It is like a ribbon of silver blue across the landscape.)

Wyoming, well Wyoming is in full early summer throttle and the Grand Tetons? Amazing! Gorgeous! Spectacular!

Yellowstone was wonderful but the Grand Tetons were *fantastic*

We saw volcanic "plains" stretching across vast areas of Idaho (I thought Idaho was flat and grew lots of potatoes, what did I know?). Idaho had vast vistas too.

I thought Oregon was green but it turns out eastern Oregon is quite flat and high desert (ie dull). But we still like central and coastal Oregeon. And Crater Lake was speccy.

We saw more volcanoes than you can poke a stick at.
(that is the last major one we saw - Mt Shasta. Crater Lake is also a volcano - duh!)

I might've gotten more knitting done if I had let our German visitor drive more but I felt quite uncomfortable with someone else driving the car (especially as he was used to driving in New Zealand, which is right hand drive like Oz, not left hand drive like the US and Germany). I would've gotten more shawl done if I had not left the abbreviations behind (one of the acronyms is RSI - well yes, if you don't do anything other than knit you will get RSI. Turns out RSI means right side lifted increase...). I've nearly finished another sock test pattern for this 54 stitch and 76 stitch version of the rainbow sock (this is driving me crazy, so over this sock pattern that I have not written up properly yet!).

Now I have heaps of washing to do along with photo editing and cleaning and tidying stuff away and watering and throwing out of old flowers (forgot to do that before we left) and shopping (without bike, on foot as DH locked the bikes with his lock with his keys that I don't have a copy of) - our fridge has hardly ever been so bare!



  1. Wow, what a great trip, Lynne...loved the pics!

  2. Great photos, Lynne! It looks like an incredible trip.

  3. Thank you for the lovely tour. America does everything BIG doesn't she?? I am not sure how I would go driving on the wrong side of the road!!


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