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G'day all!

Today I am showing you something a little different to the things I've been showing you recently. And I am not showing you all the interesting links that I had lined up cos my browser crashed and I started over - had waayyy too many tabs open anyway.

So, I've been busy cutting up material for the second in the quiltalong series. I am making two smallish quilts - two because I can't choose between the materials. I thought I would use up stash, except I had to go get more of the material that forms part of the quilt and the backing. Ah well. Them's the breaks.

You wanna see the colours I am using?

Hot hot hot! Rasta stuff. Brown contrast fabric.

Cool! Eggplant/aubergine contrast with pinks, purples, blues - even though there are two pics, they will be one quilt. I just couldn't fit them all into the space available.



Believe it or not, there's only one colour in the eggplant - it is the changing colours that it is sitting on that makes it look different colours. Our eyes are amazing things.

We are still working out our travel stuff for the upcoming holiday. DH will be cranky with me now cos he is asking ME how much time off he should take. Why is he asking me? He hasn't told me what he wants to see and do and he knows how much leave he has. Why is it up to me to organise his holiday times? He hates organising trips to the nth degree, as this one will have to be, and so do I. He likes to leave everything open and easy to the point of not having a booking for the train or a hotel during the busy season. I'm a bit more of a control freak than that. He delegates all bureaucracy to me "because I am good at it." I'm not good at it but if I don't do it, it won't get done! (Speaking of which I need to fill in a couple of forms for other stuff and send them off.)

Has anyone else used the Eurail website? It is a cross between a hoot and a piece of craptastic you-know-what. The English is umm quaint and occasionally I have to translate it to work out what they mean. I am still not exactly sure what they mean about having to "wait on line at the station" (but I think they mean book your seat ahead of time to make sure you do not have to wait at the station until they can get you on a train). I occasionally wonder if they have used the same translation engine/person as the ones that produce those fantastic chingrish instruction sheets you find in various items. It is taking me some time to work out our travel timetable simply because I have to find out what on earth they mean!

Oh, still haven't taken pics of the socks. Not much point at this stage - another couple of hours of knitting and they will be fini! hooray!



  1. Never used Eurail but want you to come to England, please!

  2. What the hell happened to your finger?


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