The Blog spoke

I just cancelled the accommodation and travel to Sock Summit.

I now have a bad case of leaky eyes. Sniffle!

Here's the results of today's spinning:

Joseph's Coat BFL



  1. Glad you have been able to make a decision. You could have missed out on both!! Lovely collage of all your spinning and wool!! Hope you cheer up soon.

  2. Well I'm glad that the blog can help with these difficult decisions...can we help with some more? What should you eat for dinner? How should you get your hair cut? I like this...sort of a borg-like decision-making process.

  3. WOW! Now THAT's what I call some gorgeous yarn! Way to go, Lynne!

    We're back in Oz, and even got upgraded to biz class...what a treat! And while it's cold in Exeter, the skies are brilliant blue, crystal clear and very beautiful. All's right with the world...

  4. That was a really tough choice, and if we helped out any, I'm glad.

    Come back to Oz and help me organise a Sock Summit of our own, or even just a knitting conference. We could all head up to Canberra, or force everyone to come to us ;)

  5. I reckon itll be a trip of a life time and theres plenty of that for next Sock Summit!Wish I could come with you!!!


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