Spin me right round

G'day all!

My back 'ome friends are having an interesting discussion on shyness. Turns out a number of us are shy. I'm shy sometimes. I get even shyer when I get a case of the guilts for not replying to your lovely comments! Then I get stressed cos I am guilty cos I have not pulled my finger out of my butt and so it goes around.*

Speaking of going around, I've been spinning madly for the Tour de Fleece.

So far we have:
sport weight superwash BFL with sparkly nylon from Spunky Eclectic, enough to make a pair of socks.

A hank of fingering weight superwash merino in Peggy Sue from Crown Mountain Farms, enough to make a very long sock or two very short ones (for me) with plenty more spinning to do from the pencil roving.

A hank of Dragon Breath from the Lavender Sheep. I had two plies of this but when I plied them against each other, they were yucky. Awful. Worsted yarn barf. So I unplied the WHOLE LOT and navajo/chain plied them. Much better! Oh and the odd thing? As I wound each ply onto separate bobbins, at the end I could not find the join between them! It had totally disappeared!

A hank of soft spun singles from Crosspatch Creations and Three Bags Full. The TBF batts were particularly easy to spin as singles.

A fun little hank of Merino Tencel in Sunrise from the Sheep Shed at Mountain View Farm (not the Sheep Shed Studio). I am spinning up more of this - I tried to make it laceweight but it didn't want to be laceweight, it wanted to be floofy yarn so now it is!

Hmm, you know that is not a whole lotta yarn from 10 days of spinning, less a day's rest. Ah well. Can't spin any more tonight - it is late and my ankle is starting to hurt! It's been on the bike (without the brace) and spun a LOT of yarn today so I can't complain! I just need to look after it.

DH was very excited when he got home tonight. He had a Special Delivery from Mouser Electronics. He showed me his new wall-worts - they are as big as a fingernail and need to be all wired up of course but will be much smaller than the usual power transformer you stick in the wall. But he was even more excited about his Lifetime Supply of Resistors. Yep, he has a whole box full of every resistor known to mankind. It is pretty impressive!

(*which is to say sorry, I've been distracted and stressed and have been hiding in my hidey hole but will come out soon and email those whom I should email!)


  1. Gorgeous spinning!!Even with an injury you are on track, so to speak. I am 'shy' especially when I have to go somewhere where I don;t know anyone, but I can stand up in front of an auditorium full of strangers and give a talk or lecture!!!

  2. Wow! You spin so evenly. It looks gorgeous.

  3. I'm also quite shy, too.


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