Still spinning

G'day all!

Just a quick one. I can't type (I kid you not, every second letter I have to go back and correct). I'm still spinning madly, knitting a bit but doing LOTS of spinning.

Spinning is good when it is hot. Others would disagree but it is cooler than having a lump of knitting sitting on your lap. My current socks are trying to kick my butt but I am exerting my will upon them. I am even knitting them two at a time! No pics - they are too hard to get a shot of at night.

But no such missing out for the spinning! I have the camera sorted for some colours and shots under CFLs, and this is the result:

CMF spun

420m of a nice fingering weight 3 ply merino superwash yarn for socks. Crown Mountain Farm roving in Peggy Sue. It used to look like that.

Okey dokey. It's been a loooong weekend, even though it was only two days. Summer has hit with a vengeance and we've even been using the air con! I even drove the car yesterday rather than take the bus (last bus I was on had dead air con = VERY hot bus! And I was unlucky enough to get it there and back again - usually I get a different bus home.) Have a good week, I might have some knitting to show off sooner or later - you'd better remind me :-)



  1. I am always so amazed at how you take some raw dyed wool (sic) and make such beautiful yarn!! It was quite warm here too, 18*C in the middle of Winter!!! Take the car an unair-conned bus sounds awful.

  2. Wow - that looks like mermaid's hair :) I don't blame you for taking the car if the bus is boiling.


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