A dilemma

G'day all!

I have run up against a dilemma. A dilemma of Rather Large Proportions.

Over the next two months, we want to go to Sock Summit, Europe and Australia. Australia is non-negotiable. Europe is non-negotiable for DH.

We have a certain amount of income. That income, generated by my DH's work, can either take us up to Portland to Sock Summit for a rather long weekend of SS and sight-seeing (the SS and SS Portland trip) or I can go to Europe with DH.

This is my dilemma:
I either give up on going to the Sock Summit
I don't go to Europe with DH.

This might be my one and only, last chance to go to the Sock Summit. If I lived overseas, I would not fly all the way to the US to go to the Sock Summit. I've never been to Europe and DH has long promised to take me.

An alternative would be if some magic fairy waved her/his/its magic wand and conjured me up a job for a few weeks (minus the sock summit long weekend of course!). Or if I wrote up the patterns and hundreds magically flew out the door at a cost of say $5 a pop. Or if I put everything I have up on etsy and it all sold. Or I set up little baggie patterns and material for you to make your own project bags and those all flew out on etsy. But I don't see any of those things happening. So I am stuck with either going to Europe or going to Sock Summit.

What on earth should I do? I want to do both. I've never been to Europe (Toulouse, France; Lucerne, Switzerland; Munich, Germany) and I've never been to a Sock Summit either. But I can't afford to do both. Not without plundering the mortgage.

Sigh. Any ideas? I'm going to talk to a temping agency tomorrow - there is one literally just around the corner from here. I'll try to get some more etsy stuff up too. I'll even write up the pattern for the mini mochi socks but I'll have to ask for money for that. I've spent months trying to refine it for different size stitch counts (54, 64 and 76). But none of that is likely to come up with the goodies, well more $$$, for me.

I've been knitting away on Cleopatra's Stockings. There's lots of knit through the back loop, which I am not a great fan of, though I much prefer knit through the back loop than purl through the back loop!


Note that I am doing them two at a time! This is the result of not taking the instructions with me so I started the toe of the second sock. Then I ripped the first sock back half a repeat cos I'd stuffed it up. Then they were both the same length so I figured I may as well do them two at a time. I get a little confused now and then cos I have to repeat the row I just did - I'm not used to that! I am now on the gussets and my rather short needle is starting to feel the strain.


But it is pretty cool, though I am not really feeling the love for the way the yarn is striping. Not keen on the mauve and purple self striping thing, though the blue purples are nice. The close up pic is pretty accurate in colour - a miracle! I persuaded the camera to cooperate! Except for the focus thing. Doh! And I hope I am doing the pattern right too. LOL

No Tour de Fleece today - it was a rest day. And does my heel need it - it is still not right after the sprain. Did you know that when you sprain your ankle, you'll often sublux your heel/calcaneus? I didn't but after the chiro has twisted and wrenched it the right way, suddenly my foot works again!

Still haven't edited all the pics from the last trip. For someone who is unemployed, I am surprisingly busy. I started making a tunic/dress for me for the bike last week, almost ran out of cotton for it and had to go buy more then lost the love. I only have to set in one sleeve and hem it and it is done! Maybe tomorrow, when I either have to walk, drive, tram or bus to anywhere - remind me when I freak out about my bike being missing that it is not missing, it is getting a service. And a new saddle (a girly saddle with extra comfort for squishy bits!).

OK, must pull my finger out and start writing up the pattern. I have to check my charts and also create more than one size for the gusset shaping. Oh and it is toe up, like most of my socks.



  1. If it were me making the decision I would go to Europe... and Ive been there a lot ;-) but I think in terms of memory-making France, Germany, Italy have it over socks any day.

  2. Oh the horns of your dilemma. I would not know what to do. I am terrible at making choices so can offer you no help what so ever!! Love the Cleopatras. The crossingy over holey pattern is very lovely!!

  3. Head for Europe. Sock Summit will happen again and again considering the amount of people who want to go this (and may the ones who are rot, darn them!!!).

    While the Summit will have amazing classes and knitting and knitters, nothing but NOTHING compares to Rome. It's the most beautiful city in the world (yes more than Melbourne!) and you will love it.

    Then think of Opal and Wollmeisse (Germany), Anny Blatt (France) and Filatra di Crosa (Italy). Think about filling an extra suitcase with nothing but yarn!!!

    (Btw, the word verification today was "lynesse". Did you plan that?!)

  4. Oh My go to Europe,it may the only time you can ever do it but you still have a chance to do the Sock summit later,a "world trip "would be awesome!!!
    Though the sock summit would be fun too....
    Me I want to go to the Bendie Show

  5. I'd pick Europe. I might be a heretic but I can't see what the huge fuss is over Sock Summit. It would be nice, like going to a fibre fest is nice, but compared to a Europe trip it would seem to pale!

  6. Europe in a heartbeat!!!

  7. Dilemma! But I think I'd choose Europe over SS. Much as I'd love to be there for the Summit, it WILL happen again, and you might still be Stateside next year. Europe is a not-to-be-missed experience, though. Just do it!

    We're off to Oz Thursday...feeling a bit sad to leave the gorgeous summer days...

  8. Anonymous3:43 am

    Hands DOWN, no argument Europe of course!!!

  9. If you come to Europe you can visit me.


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