A multiplicity of projects

G'day all!

I am running a little behind on the PSC for this month. I didn't do one last month - I had plenty to finish off! ANd I am still tweaking this pattern. I should just get over myself and publish it! Ahem!

So, without further ado, I give you

The loaded jeep:

And the lucky winner!

Yep, one of last year's Blue Moon Fiberarts sock club offerings. Excuse the whacky colour - my camera (and every camera I've had) hates these lovely purple colours.

All wound up and ready to go! I just have to find some spare sock needles. I think I've only got one sock on the needles so where did the rest of them run off to? I'd be very happy if they were breeding instead of fleeing but umm well....

In four day old Tour de Fleece news, I spun up and plied with silk and beads the remaining April offering from Tactile's fiber club.

It can now join the pure weld dyed yarn and the single of weld plied with the single of weld/indigo and umm starts with q.

The practice quilt is stippled (that is to say I've machine quilted it with the lines of stitches technically less than 1/2" or 1.2cm apart), eventually, after little issues like this:

Umm, a little tension problem there. But no matter, the machine has a "hand quilting" stitch on it and it worked a helluva lot better.


(That material was going to be a summer top for me but it was large enough and not objectionable in colour matching etc so I used it on the practice quilt. You can see the variegated thread on the back much more easily.)

Except where the quilt found some scrap material from someplace and the machine carefully stippled it on the back...

All it needs now is the edging and I bought that yesterday, washed it and ironed it today. Ready and raring to go!

Oh, for anyone trying to call us on our cell/mobile phone? It is out of juice and it has been put some place and we don't know where it are (to quote something quite different). We can't ring it cos it goes straight to voicemail. If you are trying to ring us, try our landline (if you need that number, email me!). (Note I didn't have it last...) If I am not returning your calls, you now know why. If we can't find it, it might mean we can get a decent phone cos really the old one is/was poxy.



  1. The quilt looks great, Lynne! And I love the meander quilting with the "hand quilt" stitch.

    The beaded yarn looks lovely, too!

  2. I love the beaded yarn - it's really super. I wish I could sew like you. I love the choice for your sock club this month.

  3. Your yarn is gorgeous , the beads are lovely!! You are completing so many things: you can be grateful for fewer friends as it leads to more project completion!!! Very clever to have a 'hand' machine stitch. My machine has sort of recovered from having a cup of tea poured into it.


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