Wotisit Monday returns!

G'day all!

After a bit of a break (ie I forgot to post anything and also I was away and frantically treadling for the Tour de Fleece*), Wotisit Monday returns!

Last time I showed a picture of some fleece all taped up inside its plastic cocoon. A few people guessed correctly but I didn't email anyone, cos it all happened when we were away. Anyways, it is good to have a few people with points on the board!

This week's wotisit was spotted at Crater Lake in Oregon. You don't have to go to Crater Lake to see things like it - they are quite common. Honest.


Next week I think I should have another little prize draw. Remember to send your guesses to me via email to natielthreeoneone at gmaildotcom. You must email me the guess to get into the draw and surely you want to win something, even only a little thing like some stitchmarkers?

*In the 21 days I knew about the Tour de Fleece, I spun nearly 3km of yarn, or well over 7km if you include the original singles. I am going to get a nice pic of the yarns decorating my bike, it being the Tour de Fleece and all on bicycles of course, but for the nonce you'll have to cope with the pic on the clothes rack.

Or the pic on my quilt only I'm missing one cos it was not yet spun.
(There were twelve on the bed and the little one said, "Roll over, roll over!" So they all rolled over and one fell out, roll over, roll over. Etc.)

Tomorrow I shall show you pics of my new challenge (though some of you cheeky blighters will have already checked them out on Flickr) and also try to remember to get pics of the Cleopatra's Stockings that are nearly finished, HOO-blasted-RAY! I like the k2tog tbl but I dislike k tbl. Blah. Not sure why - it should be easier but it isn't with my technique.



  1. Wow - that is a lot of yarn. Your prize draws are brilliant and your stitch markers are so purty - hope you get lots of entries.


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