unreasoning lust II

G'day all!

It is ridiculous AM here and I am having one of those coughing fits, y'know the ones you get when you are getting better, the ones that start with the little tickle in the throat and end with various attempts at self-applied lungectomy.

Anyway, I found out about this yarn today/yesterday. CPY Mini Mochi. Slow gradation colour-changing yarn. Rainbow coloured. Single ply sockweight - wonder how it would work up as socks and The Scarf? I am helpless in its thrall. I can feel the credit card twwitching like a very scared thing.




  1. Oh my goodness, that yarn! It is calling me too... perhaps you had better buy it before I do...

  2. I can feel it calling me too... must... resist.....

  3. I just saw this for the first time yesterday at Yarndogs. It's pretty insane.


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