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G'day all!

Oh gosh, the fun, it just is not ending here.

I caved. I have sulfa drugs (old antibiotic) to take. My ear is so swollen that it has put my jaw joint out of whack. Not being able to eat without some rather large degree of pain and *still* not be able to chew was the final straw. Apart from the pain so bad I just sat and snivelled for most of last night cos I couldn't take enough Tylenol to make the head-beating-against-wall pain go away - I finally fell asleep around 7am. Don't worry, I didn't keep poor Nathan up or anything - I made a nest of my chair and its ottoman. Quite comfortable, as far as these things can go...

Cross your fingers for me, eh? I might choke on the tablets if nothing else - they are big mongrels!

One thing good about being at the dr's from 3:15 until after 6pm is I got about half the foot done on the second of my merino tencel socks. I'd show a pic but it currently looks like the other sock, only it's missing most of the sock-iness. It could be anything at the moment. Given that it is green, pink and white I guess it is less likely to be something risque...

C'mon sulfa drugs! You can do it! (*please*?)

I am working on a couple of things I started before I got sick - the shop model baby kimono and a scarf for a friend. I intended on finishing the baby kimono before New Year but forgetting the instructions put the kybosh on that! Hopefully tomorrow I will feel ok and will remember to get pics of everything. Then again, I might exhaust myself in a 20 minute workout with the vacuum cleaner, like I did today and then need to rest half the afternoon...

Something I discovered tonight - just because you cannot smell the onion does not mean it can't play chemical warfare on your eyes and nose...



  1. Wow - big drugs! hope they do the trick!

  2. Hugx Hope you get well soon.


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