A sock!

G'day all!

Things continue to get better here, if only the ears would clear up I'd feel quite chipper indeed (particularly the right ear cos it gets awful earache that keeps me upset and ready to start bashing my head against the wall unless I run Tylenol all day and night = not good for me!). Why not see a doctor? It's the weekend! They aren't open.

So my major achievements this week have been

a) managing to breathe through my nose again
b) not bashing my ear off my head, and
c) a sock!


I cannot believe how hard it was for me to pick this sock up and knit from the gusset increases. The first day I managed to get about 10 stitches done, all the time thinking things were not right. I knitted up to the heel turn, set that up and tried to turn the sock into a short row heel (doesn't work, FYI). Twice. My brain was certainly off with the pixies. By the time I conquered the heel turn, I was starting to feel like I might one day be able to do something more complex again. Like think. Anyway, a sock that would normally take three days or so to knock off took well over a week...

The yarn is a 50/50 merino tencel. Shiny. It feels quite heavy, though yardage is good. It squeaks on the needles just like some synthetics do. I had been contemplating buying a bit of it but I think the 80/20 merino tencel is nicer. I dyed the yarn - I have some 75/25 wool nylon to list in a very similar colourway, but I think the nylon batch took the dye more evenly.

Have a good week! I hope to :-)



  1. Sorry to hear you're still sick Lynne. I think this bug is a long-lasting one; I'm still feeling the effects of the flu I caught on Dec 21st, and I've heard from other people that they've been sick for 2 weeks+ too.

    Nice sock though!

  2. Glad to hear you are on the mend. These viruses are pretty atrocious. Lovely sock.


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