G'day all!

The electricians have been and gone. Can you believe that in our 750sq foot apartment, there were TEN two point power plugs? 10! I forgot completely about two of them and another one is in the kitchen. Anyway, it is now three point plugs all round! Yay! Watching them install the power points was interesting - lever out the old, clip four wires off the back (two were green and brown - old wiring?) then the put connectors on instead. The connectors look like cat-5/LAN connectors. Crimp em, clip the connectors into the new powerpoint on (the point is an integrated box so I guess all the wiring is done within it), force it back into the wall, screw it on, faceplate on, Bob's your uncle!

Now I am surrounded by single glowing green eyes.

I've been sitting here wondering what was wrong with my vision. It is getting steadily dimmer. Then it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, the darkness is something to do with the sun disappearing behind the apartment block and that I might have to turn the lights on. It is only 4pm. (Now 5pm and the sun is about to set if it has not already set.)

So, onto today's topic. Swatching.

You may remember, DH gave me this lovely pile of yarn for Christmas:

He is slowly learning...

So when I looked at the patterns available for this yarn, umm, well it is fingering weight. Not a lot of pattern support for big girls (but if I was small there'd be more).

I've about twenty ideas of what I'd like to make. Given I'll most likely be using 3.5mm needles (seems to knit up softer than on 3.25mm), I don't want anything too complicated in way of pattern. I'd prefer a cardigan/jacket, long sleeves and as long as I can make it (cos I am sure I will end up riding the bike with it on and if my top rides up and my pants ride down, well, who needs to see my newspaper holder?). I am vacillating between fitted and semi-fitted - I tend not to wear close fit tshirts and I have to wear something under it cos even the loveliest wool itches me (so do some synthetics, rough cottons and linens - I just have sensitive skin, not a wool allergy). I think I want slightly flaired sleeves but then on a bike it is nice to not have cold air rushing up your arms. Same with a scoop neck - looks great but brrr!

I've looked in my Ravelry queue and not much says modify my stitch gauge and make me! Most of the people who have used the yarn (Mirasol Chirapa) have made socks and accessories from it.

So a swatching we will go!

Wednesday and yesterday, I used a whole ball of the yarn to try out various patterns. I tried 13 or 14 different ideas, though I only took pics of 9 of them - some didn't even show up or just looked like someone couldn't remember whether they should knit or purl next. I didn't bother adjusting the colour so it is a bit harsh and darker than te yarn really looks.

After a miserable failure of a pattern, I tried a two by two rib that has a little cable action happening - it would look a whole lot better if I could count properly (I blame the antibiotic reaction)
(Swatch 1) This would make a fitted jacket. It would be suh-weet but do I want a fitted jacket and can I be bothered with all that ribbing?

Then I tried one of my all time favourite stitch patterns.
(Swatch 2) Daisy daisy, give me your answer do! I'm half crazy, all for the love of you! This pattern speaks to the little girl in me who likes pretty things. I could do edgings in this with the simple stitch specified for the baby kimono. It would be a semi-fitted jacket.

(Swatch three) Too busy for this yarn I think.

(Swatch 4) I was looking for lace patterns that were had something reminiscent of water, fins, waves, etc. This one looked good in the sample but not in my sample. Nor did

(Swatch 6)

(Swatch 7)

(Swatch 9)

However, I sorta like
(Swatch 5). It has grown on me somewhat. This also could be semi-fitted or maybe a swing jacket (though I am not real skinny).

I also like
(Swatch 8) I tried some different versions of this razor shell and also adjusted it so's the double decrease has a central line. This would make a nice clean line up to the bust area, where I'd probably just swap tp plain ole stockinette. Arms in pattern or not? Or partway in pattern then swap at bust line?

So, I have cut the possible patterns down to four. Razor shell (8), daisy(2), cabled rib (1) and umm since it doesn't have a name, I'll call it fishtail (5).

I'm currently working up bigger swatches of the patterns. Isn't it all so exciting, not? LOL

Now if only my body would shake off the remains of this cold, life would be very good indeed! It is apparently being called the three week cold. People who don't usually get sick are going down like ninepins, and it is hammering them in the sinuses (so it isn't just me - yay!). Then the cough stays around for a while too. But it is nice to know I am not the only one with it.



  1. That is some dedicated swatching. Great yarn.

    Sorry to hear you have been sick. There seems to be a lot of extra-nasty stuff going around this year.

  2. I'm still sick too - so I can identify. The yarn looks lovely knitted up - I like the leaves patterns best - but what I wanted to say is that you certainly have the figure for a fitted go for it!

  3. Hi,

    I love the yarn and several of the swatches. I sent mail to you thanking you for the prize, but I want to tell everyone to go over to the Yarnivorous Etsy shop. The skein of handdyed yarn I picked is even prettier in reality than it looked, and so very soft. If you need a pick-me-up, a skein of the yarn is just the thing! You turned a bitterly cold day bright and sunny.

  4. My God,you have some patience,I rarely swatch,just happy to take a risk,dont even do WPI on any spinning!!! though Id love tool to do it then maybe Id try...I just look at it and guess most of the time,love the colour of your chrissy wool though
    Hope you escape that colds clutches soon!!


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