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G'day all!

A couple of weeks ago I bought some Mini Mochi. Oh pretty rainbow colours!

On Tuesday, I started knitting it up.

Since then I've been obsessed. Here's the result.




The yarn is really fuzzy. I've been pulling out the hairiest hairs but it is still fuzzy - as fuzzy as various of the sock that I have washed a few times. Will be interesting to see how this sock washes up. Yes, I will make a second one and see if I can wrinkle out some issues with the pattern. At the moment, after doing the setup repeat, it doesn't really follow the chart, just common sense.

Biggest problem with the yarn, apart from splittiness due to its singles nature, is



The green crocked. Pics are not great but I think you can get the idea of where I tension the yarn and what bits actually hold the needles, at least for my right, throwing, hand.

First, I have to finish a fingerless mitten and get cracking on my Feb socks (on Sunday). They will be husbandly socks. Speaking of which, DH informed me that hand knitted socks are ok and he likes being able to tell which socks are pairs (doesn't stop him wearing mismatched pairs, mind). He was rather dismissive. As he is telling me this, he started to realise that maybe it was not the right response, and became rather sure of this when I asked him why should I bother putting all that effort into socks for him if he doesn't actually care for them that much? I have been making him a set for Valentine's Day, his birthday and Christmas but really why bother? Anyway, he will get the next pair as I have some yarn earmarked for them and then I will reconsider.



  1. Love your Meret and piratey/stripey beret. I cannot see the word piratey without thinking of Little Britain and the Mr mann in the toyshop sketch. Pirate memory game anyone? :-)

    As for DH, definitely Not The Right Answer! I think it will be his loss :-D

  2. Oh Wow what beautiful socks!! I havent seen anything quite like that vivid colour!!! Cant wait to see the second one!!

  3. Just dropping in after being a missing blogger for a very long time.

    Love the colour and also the pattern of the socks.

    I've copied your Aussie meme from the bottom of the page and will go through it and use it in my blog as I've done quite a few of the things on it.


  4. Those are gorgeous socks!


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